Friday, 20 December 2013

Britains Criminal Masterminds

There seems to be no lower limit for the stupidity of most of the common criminals. Master Criminal minds like 'Moriarty' in Sherlock Holmes, they are not ..... unemployable idiots or thugs, they are.

Take the jobless man from Birmingham in the Midlands in the UK ... who for reasons that probably only he will ever know, dialled the police with a false report of seeing a gunman walking down Law Street in West Bromwich, placing a hand gun in and out of his pocket. Presumably he wanted the pleasure of seeing armed police turn up and waste their time, but only another idiot would really know what he got out of it.

However his 'cunning plan' for a bit of fun at the polices expense, all started unravelling when he gave the description of the gunman - he very carefully gave the police operator the description and put the phone down. he then walked away to no doubt enjoy the fun and games. However he had hardly got 5 minutes down the road, when he was surrounded and arrested by armed police. They had recognised him from the description given to them by the call operators ...... yes the dumb-ass had given the operator his own description for the gunman, including his clothing.

The 20 yr old, even had used his own phone to make the call, and when arrested police found that the phone in his pocket was dead, but later found the phones simcard inside the shoes he was wearing. He then tried to claim that a cousin had somehow made the call from West Bromwich, and then 'hidden' the simcard in his shoes without his knowing.

This 'story' was tested at a Wolverhampton Magistrates court and was found wanting ..... he then pleaded guilty. He was sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court to a two years supervision order, after he admitted wasting police time, and was also ordered to pay £160 costs. It's rather a light sentence all things considered (the court case will have cost thousands), and the fact that 'Brains' (as we shall be forced to call him), had also breached a suspended sentence for armed robbery given to him by Warwick Crown Court. Yes, a suspended sentence for armed robbery.

Armed Robbery - Warrants Only A Suspended Sentence In The UK

When an armed robbery only warrants a suspended sentence, you have to wonder what line in the sand someone has to cross, to go to prison in Britain these days ...... no surprise then that the head of Group 4 Securicor recently said that: " ....Britain is the worst country in the world for [armed] robbery."


  1. I do like a bit of The World's Craziest Fools, but there comes a point when you have to hang up the gloves in the fight of trying to understand! We all do some crazy things that we can wonder about later and I suppose these stories help to put them into perspective.

    1. I have long given up on the British 'justice' system .... suspended sentences for armed robbery, and 50% automatic remission even if you do get a prison term. The max sentence remission should be 10% for serious crimes and 25% for lesser offences .... but I guess that this is too hard line for our liberal law makers.

    2. How can a 6 year sentence be 3 years? A rape ruins a womans life, and often her marriage, and for that to equate to 3 years in prison is criminal.


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