Friday, 20 December 2013

BBC's Last Word On Mandela

The BBC never miss a chance to promote their own racial agenda .... Take Nelson Mandela's death. Following a large number of complaints about the 'excessive coverage' (and it did seem to go on, and on, and on, for 9 days of 'national mourning'. Which seems a tad excessive as he's not British, but hey, apparently the BBC feels it had to broadcast the whole event for some reason), the head of BBC news James Harding, refused to apologise .... In fact he said that in Mandela "we are probably talking about the most significant statesman of the last 100 years".

BBC Says: 'the most significant statesman of the last 100 years'

Really? The head of BBC News, genuinely believes that since 1913, the most significant world statesman, has been a one term black (and that may be the key word), former president, of a middle ranked third world nation.

So for example, the defeat of Fascism led by Churchill, was a less significant statesman like act, than a black man peacefully becoming President of South Africa and not taking revenge? Wasn't Nazism more of a threat to the whole world, than the apartheid system in southern Africa was? .... maybe Mr Harding should talk to his father or grandfather, about how nears to a Nazi conquest of Europe we came in 1939-41 ....

Winston Churchill: Stood Alone Against The Nazi's

Maybe we should also dismiss the achievements of Lech Wałęsa, or Václav Havel, who both peacefully set in motion the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe? ... they undoubtedly freed millions more from dreadful tyranny, than Mandela ever did.

Václav Havel and Lech Wałęsa Risked a KGB Firing Squad To Peacefully Lead Their Countries Out Of Communism. 

In fact, according to this man who studied history at Trinity College Cambridge, Mandela peacefully becoming President of South Africa, was a more significant world event than the election of the first Black President of the United States of America, or more statesman like than President Roosevelt leading the US and the free world out of the 'Great Depression'.

But perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised by Mr Harding's opinions, despite his degree in history, as he has made it a mission at the BBC that the "BBC must tackle diversity 'problem'", which tells you all you need to know about his attitudes to race .... by 'problem' he means putting more ethnic diversity on the screens (so more of the Black Ancient Brits, like the Merlin 're-write'of white British legends to Multi-culturalise them).

What dangerous garbage the BBC spouts whenever it represents its own PC views, and not ours. When it voices its own opinions, instead of simply reporting ours, and we can do nothing to get rid of them ..... a state within a state.

The unelected ruling elite of Britain have held our white British culture' in complete contempt since the 1950's, but now they are apparently in a position to actively pursue their agenda's, unhindered by the need to reflect majority public opinion.


  1. Some of the newspapers are making similar points now that the worship of Mandela is over. The Sun has a comment that ' the smug liberals who produce and present (radio 4 program) Today will (not) give a hoot' about being referred to Ofcom because 'they have only contempt for the values held by mainstream Britain.

    This apparently after they allowed an advocate of Muslim terror attacks to praise the murder of Private Lee Rugby on the show.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am not surprised that the Today programme did this, as they have done this before (The IRA used the show to justify the bombings that killed and maimed many). I didn't hear the show, I wonder if they got their woman Muslim presenter to question him?

      Or would that have offended the Muslim advocates beliefs, and so it had to be a male interviewer?


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