Friday, 13 December 2013

Hidden Clawses

We sign our lives away in agreements and terms and conditions, which few, if any of us, ever read ….. however most of us would expect that its only when the 'Devil goes down to Georgia', that agreements may have an ‘Immortal Soul’ kind of risk.

In Georgia The Devil Strikes A Tough Deal

But you would be wrong ….. for in what they said was just a bid to prove that very few people actually read their Terms and Conditions (and who are we to disbelieve their claim?), in 2010 - a UK-based games retailer - added an "Immortal Soul Clause" to their T&Cs (The clause was added to their standard T&Cs on April 1st …. 'April Fools Day' ..... funny).

The website claimed 88% of customers hadn't read the clause, which gave the company legal ownership of thousands of their customers souls for all eternity.

Now apart from the obvious gags about their lawyers always being on hand in hell for consultations, it also makes you wonder if only Jehovah or Satan can actually legally ‘own a soul’? Or would in fact have had full eternal rights and be able to enforce this in some Infernal Court?

Perhaps we will never know, because although thousands signed away their souls (more than 7,500 customers), about 12 percent of their customers did notice the clause, and on clicking the relevant opt-out box, netted themselves a £5.00 gift voucher in the process.

Perhaps fearful of the outcome of a challenge (and this gag will have netted some US fishes, who might not get the joke), the GameStation executives assured all customers via an email that contained a notice of nullification of that part of the deal, and confirmed that they were not enforcing the Immortal Soul Clause.

We have touched before on the subject of selling ones Soul, and at what price (even if you’re an unbeliever), so I won’t try and claim that I would have seen the funny side of this if it had been me, even though I veer toward atheism.


  1. The Devil may rule in Georgia, but there a thousand lawyers in New York who could argue him back to Hall's Kitchen.

    1. Lawyers are proof that Hell exists. Thanks for the comment


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