Friday, 20 December 2013

Deep Fried Christmas Dinner

As we all prepare to pig out on the festive foods that we all like to eat ..... I was much taken by the idea that in some parts of the country, we could possibly see the advent of the all fried Christmas dinner.

Now I freely admit that I was well aware of that culinary delight known as the 'Deep Fried Mars Bars', and that they are served in Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland ....

Deep Fried Mars Bar

..... but I wasn't aware of the fact that in Ribbleton, near Preston, in deepest Lancashire in England, a chippy called 'Mister Eaters Eating Emporium', was selling deep fried mince pies, deep fried Ferrero Rochers and deep fried Christmas puddings for the Christmas period. For the rest of the year, the chippy includes battered 'Tunnock’s Teacakes' and 'deep fried cheesecake' as part of its standard fare. However what was more surprising was that the deep fried mince pies are now also served by the celebrity TV chef Heston Blumenthal, after he apparently visited the Lancashire shop last year.

It then transpired after further investigation that another chippy, Utley Fisheries in Keighley, Yorkshire, also sells these fried mince pies at Xmas time, and had also commissioned a song about them.

Deep Fried Minces Pies - A New National Delicacy?

Now this story was revealed to the world, firstly by a local newspaper in Yorkshire, and then a national newspaper picked up the Lancashire story. So yet another national decided to try out the concept of the 'whole fried Christmas dinner' and rate it with marks out of 10 ......with mixed results as shown below.

The Whole Deep Fried Christmas Meal

I was once offered a deep fried whole salami in an Edinburgh chip shop while I was drunk, but refused then, and see no reason why these deep fried delicacies are likely to be any better when I am sober. So another good reason to enjoy your roasted Christmas lunch ..... Eat, Drink and Be Merry, and enjoy the fact that you are not in the lands where deep frying lard rules!


  1. It might be crap to fry everything, but at least you can put it in the bin. In my house the Turkey fritters and curry may still be going for another few days.

    1. I used to enjoy the post Xmas Turkey Risoles or fritters .... I guess we all take something out of the season LOL. Thanks for the comment.


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