Friday, 13 December 2013

Truer Words Never Spoken

In an unusual act of honesty (well partially) the North Korean government described one of its top leaders as "worse than a dog", and “Human scum” … they promptly executed him with a machine gun after a secret trial.

Now let's be fair, this man, Chang Song-thaek, the uncle of ruler Kim Jong-un, and apparently an 'economic reformer', was in fact really a bit of “Human scum”, having been a top official in North Korea for decades. His hands are also washed in the blood of hundreds of thousands (if not millions), of men, women and children, who have died in torture rooms, work camps, or simply in the periodic starvation bouts the sweep across North Korea every decade or so.

"Human Scum", Denounced, Show Trial and Executed - Soviet Style

Liberals turn away now …He deserved the bullets in the body that he got (there, said it), but where this bit of honesty fails is that, so do all the rest of this mad dog regime, who have tortured and destroyed an entire country. They are all “Human scum” who deserve only to share a bullet in the head.

His crimes, for you have to have one, even in a show trial, was that as the state report put it

"Chang dreamed such a foolish dream that once he seizes power by a base method, his despicable true colours as 'reformist' known to the outside world would help his 'new government' get 'recognised' by foreign countries in a short span of time".

Apparently, in true communist redemption style (how 1950’s USSR), he admitted all at the end (well faced with the bare electric cables and the metal bed frame): So after he admitted his "crimes" in court,  a death sentence was "immediately executed" ..... what no appeal?

His full list of crimes included:
  • Attempting to "overthrow the state".
  • Transforming his department into "a 'little kingdom'" and attempting to "trigger off discontent" within the army to mobilise a coup.
  • That he took control of the "major economic fields of the country" and "schemed to drive the economy of the country and people's living into an uncontrollable catastrophe".
  • Committed acts of corruption, by transferring construction units to his contacts and cronies (expect more than Chang Song-thaek and two aides killed last month to go in this purge).
  • Committed irregularities related to a joint economic zone with China i.e. Bribes.
  • Was responsible for the unpopular currency reforms (revaluation) in 2009. In December 2009 Pyongyang's reported re-denomination of the won, knocked two zeros off the nominal value of each banknote and led to unrest.
  • Pornography.
  • And worst crime of all 'he only clapped half heartedly at the great Kim Jong-clone's ascension and speeches.  

Also in true Stalinist style Chang Song-thaek has already been written out of history and official documentaries by the country's propaganda machine. Obviously the message here is that such a public and total fall from grace for a member of the inner elite, proves that positively no one is untouchable …. Well apart from the ruler Kim Jong-un of course.

Now if only Bush and Blair had turned their attention to this terrible regime, instead of following Bushes 'Oil Interests', we could have rid the world of this nightmare state, removed a threat of nuclear war, and been thanked by a very grateful and hard working population. 

Instead we have failed in all our interventions and merely created a bunch of violent Arabs and Afghans who hate us, and want us dead and …. Strange world.


  1. I read that UN Human rights report on the terrible crimes in the North of Korea which made the UN Commissioner cry. How anyone can believe that anyone of the scumbags who are in this regime are 'reformers' is beyond ne.

    I have seen governments saying it proves how brutal the regime was, but I agree with NoPCviews, he was scum and deserved to die.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I can only agree with you.


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