Friday, 3 October 2014

Armed And Doddery

Sometimes our ambitions outstrip our abilities .... take for example Mr Russell Cooper, armed robber. He held up a bank in Boynton Beach, Florida. 

Russell Cooper Aged 77 - Armed And Doddery

Firstly, his robbery method lacked a bit of thinking through ..... he pulled a pocket knife, which he then waived at the cashier after first threatening the assistant branch manager. This was because apparently the bank had told him that his account had been closed because of a consistent lack of funds in the account. Cooper then pulled his pocket knife, and the manager fearing he would be stabbed told the cashier to give Cooper $130.

Then there was his age .... at 77 he was not the man he had once been.

Then there was the fact that he had no mask and the whole episode was filmed.

And finally there was his escape method .... he hadn't brought a car or hot rod ......  no he had his Zimmer Frame, and had to go to the toilet before leaving .....

Of course, it wasn't quite as funny as it looks. According to police, Mr Cooper had told the manager that he was going to be his hostage, or he would "slit his throat". So it was probably good that he didn't get far after his robbery, but give him some credit for bravery, or probably in his case stupidity, because when the police turned up and attempted to arrest him while he was still in the bank, he resisted, the 'hostage' got away, and Mr Cooper threatened a police officer, and had to be tazered.

Given his age and condition, it seems likely that he's not likely to need a bank account again, as he faces a lengthy prison sentence for armed robbery.  


  1. Granddad what you been up to!

    1. Yeah, it does kinda make you think that he is someone's grandfather


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