Friday, 10 October 2014

The Road To Kazakhstan

We at PC Towers are no friends of potholes, having highlighted the terrible state of Britain's roads, and locally complained to get my own road resurfaced.

So we can only applaud the efforts of the 'Guerrilla' creative house group of artists in Kazakhstan .... who like the Iranian 'Black Hand collective' or the UK's 'Banksy' create street art to publicise or entertain or protest ....

They have opted to tackle the potholes of Kazakhstan in an eye catching and point making manner ...

Kazakh Potholes Are Dangerous
.... placing fake papier-mache legs sticking out of 10 holes around the city.  

"We approached the issue with irony. Rather than make the usual hue and cry about holes in the roads being bad, we simply highlighted the problem and showed it needs sorting".

An earlier campaign, had some success when they drew 'bulls eyes' around street litter bins, which encouraged the public to dispose of rubbish accurately, so apparently they are hopeful this campaign will do the trick ... eventually.

"People are paying attention, and writing in social media to thank us. This should solve the problem after a while" .... well lets hope so, I have seen uncovered drains like this before, and they are no joke on badly lit streets after a few drinks.


  1. An imaginative form of protest which will catch more flies than the old methods to which the authorities have fallen deaf. It has the added benefit of highlighting the dangers for those tipsy pedestrians late at night.

    1. I have narrowly avoided open sewers in Greece and Turkey while drunk .... broken legs narrowly avoided. Mind you I might have been arrested for wasting police time if I had seen legs coming out of holes. Beer glasses are dangerous things.


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