Friday, 11 August 2017

When Murder Stops Being Fun

Apparently in 2014, the number of murders in year in London fell to a 40 year low of just 95 victims.

World Murder Rates .... A Testament To A Civilised Society Plus Some Under Reporting In North Africa?

For comparison, in 2001 there were nearly 200 murders in London. As we often associate murders with 'black on black' crime in places like Tottenham, it might even be that these figures are an all-time 'historic low' if you discount that vibrant multicultural aspect from the figure. So perhaps a small hurrah is in order ....

Here for comparison are some other major cities:
  • Caracas Venezuela in 2014 had 3,797 murders
  • Cape Town South Africa in 2014 had 2,244 murders
  • Detroit in the USA in 2014 had 298 murders
  • Baltimore in USA in 2014 had 211 murders

No European city made the top 50 cities listed by murder rates .... they don't even have a wiki list for a comparison, so I can't tell you what the situation is in Paris, Rome or Berlin. Which is a pity as it would be more interesting than comparing with the USA, which like London, also has a large black on black crime rate, which skews all its homicide rates upwards.

What I did glean was that Glasgow's murder rate is down by half from 39 murders in 2004-2005, to 18 in 2014 (and it was still considered to the murder capital of western Europe, but in fact Amsterdam may have had that honour).

By the way, we shouldn't necessarily be waving the bunting too much over this drop in London or Glasgow murder rates, as police are attributing much of this to better medical intervention saving victims lives .... and by the way leading to more would be murderers facing lesser charges and getting released quicker.

I have to say that finding actual victim numbers (as opposed to rates per 100,000 residents), is very difficult .... it appears that many are sensitive about this subject, and so the absolute numbers are rarely published alone.

US Murder Rates Were Dropping Until Recently .....

All I can say with absolute certainty is that in last few year the US murder rate and numbers had been falling, but that trend has reversed in the last 2-3 years. Most of Western Europe has lower rates and numbers than the UK, but that in Eastern Europe rates are edging up towards the US levels as gangsterism takes a grip in some countries.

We are in fact still a remarkably safe country, despite our poor comparisons with some northern and Western European countries .... however the great influxes of migrants both from eastern Europe and the Middle East/Africa/South Asia are in danger of breaking down any social cohesion, and race/cultural driven crimes are on the rise, despite some efforts to pretend that they are not.

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