Friday, 28 August 2015

Dino Evian

Its a fact that every drop of water on planet Earth contains a little bit of Dinosaur Pee, according to scientists. This because they were here for 186 million years, and the vast amounts of piss that they squirted in that period, will have percolated down into the rocks, or made it into the oceans.

Dinosaur Pee Makes The News .....

Watch A Surprise

I like wristwatches ... specifically vintage mechanical or 'hand driven' (wind up in UK) men's wristwatches, although any unusual watch attracts my interest, as illustrated below. I am always on the look out for 'that find', the lucky spot at a car boot sale, whereby I find a real minter, a hardly worn, classic men's wind-up, that's a real treasure. As you might have guessed, I am still awaiting that find .... but I live in hope.

Not that I haven't had any luck at all .... I have a bedroom drawer full of these wristwatches, which includes many vintage wind-ups, and included in this collection is my vintage 1970's boys/mens wind-up Timex, which I purchased for the princely sum of £10.00 ($15.00), and which was nearly mint. It was a great find, and I have a few other interesting finds from Eastern Europe, but just not that vintage Rolex, or whatever, that I daydream about.

'What's the attraction?' I hear you ask, after all they are not as accurate as quartz watches, and indeed many, especially the older 'vintage' wrist watches sold on auction sites or at car boot sale, are only good for a day or so, without the need for rewinding, and even then, often lose time during the day.

I can't really explain it, but the best I can do is to describe it as a touch of the past. Older watches (not the common Timex's etc which were factory made), were often hand made, or finished. They were adjusted and balanced by a craftsman and not by a factory.

My Latest Wristwatch Is Actually Not A Wind-up ...

A Bad Turn In The Road To Freedom

The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, which once again was the centre of uncivil unrest by a community, which always seems to fall back on violence, and then blame the authorities for responding, are indicative of a lot more than the simplistic idea that 'whitey is always oppressing the black man'. It actually points directly to the question of what sort of civil communities the black populations really want to live in.

Plenty Of 'Gang Colours' On Display On A Peaceful Protest ....

Edinburgh Report 2015

Its August .... so it must be festival time.

Yes, once again we at PC towers have decamped to Edinburgh to enjoy the fringe festival ... oh, and drink a few beers with old friends. So, just    

Sleeping Trees 

'Comedy, meets theatre, meets jazz-fusion. Sleeping Trees disembowel western and gangster movies' ... the version we saw was a well crafted play on westerns which kept audience attention, and with much laughing. Lots of knowing nods to the genre.

Adam Riches is Coach Coach 

A pastiche of American college basketball. .... The 'Queen Dome Centaurs' battle the 'Courtyard Lizards' in the show that just so happens to be the greatest frickin' sports movie you ever done saw, live on stage! .... after some discussion we settled on a 4 out of 5 score.

Moby Alpha 

A space parody of the book Moby Dick by American comedy duo 'Charles'. ... Occasionally a little flat, but otherwise good enough, with some funny nods at sci-fi classics. The helmets got special mention and we want to know where to buy them.

Moby Alpha With Custom-built LED Space Helmets

Friday, 21 August 2015

Crime Town

When I read this story I thought .... 'now there's a surprise' .... not.

Apparently, according to figures released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (another quango?): 'Scousers' (as residents of the port city of Liverpool in England are 'affectionately' known in some quarters), are up to five times more likely to to end up in hospital following a physical assault, than any other British city dwellers.

'Scouse Gits' as TV Often Portrays The Residents Of Liverpool...


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