Friday, 27 May 2016

Scotland Brewing Up Trouble (For The Future)

Apparently the Scots are increasingly a nation of home drinkers ..... this is because shop sales of alcohol in 2015 were 20% higher in Scotland, than they were in England and Wales, with each adult consuming the equivalent of 477 pints of beer per annum.

Scotland and alcohol in 2015 (according to NHS Scotland):
  • 74% sold through off-sales
  • 52p Average price per unit. A price that has not changed for two years.
  • 20% more sales than England and Wales
  • 477 equivalent number of pints drunk per adult

Buckfast Breakfasts ... A Myth?

Blackburn Battlers

Even in these times of ever dropping social standards, it still takes a new kind of low for women to fight in the streets ... well mostly (although searching finds lots of examples). Historically its happened in working class areas such as this London scene from the 18th century.

Lady Brawlers .... 18th Century Style

Living (At Home) In America

In the UK and indeed in Europe over the last decade or so, there has been an increasing number of younger people still living at their parents home (often into their early 30's or later) .... sometimes known outside of official reports as 'Kids In Parents Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings' aka 'KIPPERS'. They were first identified at the turn of the century, and as long ago as 2003, there were estimated to be more than a million parents who still had their grown children living at home in the UK alone.

KIPPERS - Children Are Now A Lifetime Commitment

By a decade later, it was being reported as a world wide phenomenon with different names for the generation in many locations where it is an identified phenomena.

Racing To The Lowest Standards

Whilst it could never be suggested that I had much in common with the Islamist agenda, I do admit that there are aspects of our western society which trouble me deeply. One is the trend for ever more lenient prison sentences, for ever more serious crimes. For instance not sixty years, ago any man who raped babies would be lucky to not be swinging from a gibbet.

Most certainly they would face a very long prison sentence, or similar period in a secure mental institution.

Revolving Door Prisons ... Small Sentences A Deterrent?

But now?

Friday, 20 May 2016

Thai Takeaway Fans

The unexpected rise of English footballs Leicester City Football Club, from almost certain relegation candidates, to Champions of England, has also created fans for the club around the world.

None more so than in Thailand, the home country of the current owner of Leicester City FC (and King Power duty free company .... as if you could miss it).

Fair Weather Leicester City Fans?


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