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Murdoch's Biggest Joke

It was widely reported that 'The Sun' newspaper in the UK, had dropped its 'Page Three' topless girl pictures on the 20th Jan 2015, after over 45 years .... with the reports saying the last girl displayed was 'Lissy Cunningham', from Manchester.

What's laughable is that, while in the 1960's, the feminists in the UK, after mythically burning their bra's, were saying that their bodies were their own, for instance when it came to abortion or how they dressed in public, (or even while jiggling their bits, after burning those bras). Now they are now apparently happy to say that its not up to the individual female models to decide what parts of their own bodies they can, or can't display, but up to other women to decide .... namely them.

So in my opinion it was never going to be a victory for feminism, just for one for feminist hypocrisy .... mentally, when I took a wild guess, I suspected that the women who have 'campaigned' for 'No More Page 3', possibly have never had to worry much about being invited to be a page 3 girl .... but of course that's a sexist thought and therefore nearly illegal, so I'll not comment as to whether that guess was true.

'No More Page 3' Campaigner

But of course, after a few days, the denouement came, when Rupert Murdoch finished laughing up his sleeve, and 'The Sun' then published another Page 3 girl .... Nicole, 22, from Bournemouth, just as bold and brassy, busty and British as ever. 

Page 3 Girls As Campaigners

It was Rupert Murdoch having a huge laugh, at the expense of the press media, using another of his newspapers 'The Times' to seed the original report, and generating millions of pounds of priceless free publicity world wide, as the left-wing press and Radio and TV media, indulged in a veritable orgasm of self congratulatory back slapping. As they really believed that they had stopped young women doing what they wanted with their own bodies (imagine what a fuss if that was Islamists congratulating themselves for stopping feminist writers commenting as they wished?) ....

Complete silence ensued, as the 'wimmin of the left' and their 'guardianista sisters', realised how much of a ride he had taken then for. The Sun caption comment said it all:

"Further to recent reports in all other media outlets, we would like to clarify that this is Page 3 and this is a picture of Nicole, 22, from Bournemouth. We would like to apologise on behalf of the print and broadcast journalists who have spent the last two days talking and writing about us."

Just illustrates how pathetic the feminist movement is in the UK, when you consider that there are real issues in the UK, such as female trafficking, child brides, and genital mutilation .... never mind rampant misogyny in a whole community. 

Je Suis Page 3!

Magic Magi

I had never heard of 'Three Kings Bread' before this story, and so I had to look it up .... apparently its a  fruitcake, which is traditionally eaten on the 6th of January to mark 'Three Kings Day', aka “El Día de los Reyes”, which is perhaps more properly known as 'Epiphany'. If like me your Christianity is bit hazy, it won't hurt to remind you that this was traditionally a commemoration principally (but not solely), of the visit of the Magi (three wise men), to the Christ child, and thus Jesus's physical manifestation to the Gentiles.

Traditionally Three Kings Cake Is Baked Round, Like A King's Crown.

Other traditions associated to 'Three Kings Day' include:

  • It is sometimes referred to as the 12th Day of Christmas and in many Hispanic households it's given the same importance as the 25th of December.
  • Many families leaving a box of grass (or hay) and water for the three king's camels to eat ... leaving a trail of hay behind that children can often follow to their gifts.
  • In Latin America children leave their shoes right outside their doors so the Three Kings will leave their gifts inside, the bigger presents are placed around them.
  • Hispanic families will usually celebrate Three Kings Day with another Christmas dinner that is topped off with the King's Bread for dessert. 
  • Children also sometimes make crowns to wear at the table in honour of the kings

This day is celebrated in many countries, especially Catholic majority countries, but as I had barely heard of it, its safe to say that its not much celebrated in the UK outside of committed Christians .... for instance in Mexico, thousands gather every year to taste a mile-long “Rosca de Reyes” (Kings’ Bread) while others simply make the holiday staple at home honouring the tradition to hide a baby jesus figurine within the bread -- the person whose slice has the figurine must prepare tamales for everyone on the Day of the Candles on the 2nd of February.

One Mile Of Rosca de Reyes In Mexico

But last Christmas, its safe to say that some celebrants of Three Kings Day in Orange County California got a little more transcendental spirituality than they would normally expect from prayerful contemplation .... this was because at least 40 people started suffering, with symptoms that included hallucinations and out-of-body experiences. This was after eating Three Kings cake distributed by 'Cholula’s Bakery' in Santa Ana. 

The Three Kings Were More Trippy Than Usual This Year

Initial health board investigations suggested that the cake was laced with a synthetic drug .....Officials closed the Bakery while criminal investigations were made, and it will be thoroughly cleaned before it can be re-opened.

Paris v USA

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has said she plans to sue Fox News, for a broadcast that described parts of the French capital as "no-go zones" for non-Muslims ... "The image of Paris has been prejudiced, and the honour of Paris has been prejudiced."

The same offence indeed that Birmingham suffered by the same casual news team and channel .... only Birmingham didn't bother 'suing' .... It will of course get nowhere, but illustrates a lot of differences between Anglo-Saxon thinking and Gallic attitudes.

Fox News said the channel had "made some regrettable errors on air regarding the Muslim population in Europe", and apologised "to any and all who may have taken offence, including the people of France and England". Fox has also apologised for the comments by terror expert Steven Emerson, who claimed Birmingham was "totally Muslim" and ruled by Sharia law .... of course only 21% of Birmingham is Muslim. Reports of No Go Zones in the UK have of course been circulating for a number of years.

Still if this is how the US gets its news and views the rest of the world, it does explain a few things.

The BBC and Images

Did you know that the BBC had a statement read out on its 'Question Time after the Paris attacks, stating that the BBC guidelines specifically forbid printing any images or 'insults' to the Muslim Prophet Mohammed without special dispensation?

Mohammed Gets 'Special Treatment' From BBC

Not Jesus or other religious leaders ... they are covered by a general rule about religious sensibilities .... naturally some organisations, such as the National Secular Society are outraged, and demanding the BBC retract the rule ..... no chance this side of the next terrorist attack of them ever doing this.

Some bloggers, braver than we are at PC Towers, are doing what the BBC should have done when the first cartoon row raged, and printed (warning if you are muslim, you may be offended by the following linked sites) a cartoon ..... and of course so have Muslims in the past.

The BBC really can't be trusted to be impartial on this subject anymore, they are halfway into dhimmitude already.


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