Friday, 17 April 2015

Food Of The Gods

With elections in the air, and the UK about to vote for its own Benevolent (Elected) Dictator, the question that popped into my mind was what do dictators like to eat? Well normally who cares but as we have dealt with their pets it seems a suitable to finish off on their eating habits .... a recent book 'Dictators' Dinners: A Bad Taste Guide to Entertaining Tyrants' has divulged the tyrants choice of meals.

Interestingly, as most modern dictators (of the peoples revolutionary kind), were of peasant stock, their food choices often reflected this (a bit like me with my love of Beans on Toast!).

  • Antonio Salazar of Portugal, loved sardines (that reminded him of his impoverished childhood when he had even had to share one between him and a sibling).
  • North Korea's Kim Il-sung had all his rice grains individually selected .... while Kim Jong-Il's favourites included shark fin soup, and oshintang, dog-meat soup. He also sent planes to pick up Iranian caviar, Danish pork, Thai mangoes and Japanese rice cakes flavoured with mugwort, at $120 a cake. He also kept a cellar of 10,000 bottles of fine wine and had around £500,000 worth of finest cognac imported for his personal use each year. Hennessy’s biggest customer was reportedly Kim Jong-Il.  
  • Romanian Communist party boss Nicolae Ceausescu, insisted when abroad, on drinking raw vegetable juice through a straw, avoiding all solids .... and he brought the vegetables with him. However while at home he had a weakness for a stew made with a whole chicken… feet, beak and all.
  • Tito of Yugoslavia loved nothing so much as a slice of warm pig fat.
  • Adolf Hitler was famously a 'vegetarian' (brought on its alleged, by his chronic flatulence), and would engage his eating table companions in chit-chat about goings-on in a Ukrainian abattoir, to put them off meat, but prior to 1937 he was known to eat caviar, Bavarian sausages, and squab. Even after that year, he ate eggs, the occasional slice of ham, and still loved 'Leberknodl' aka 'Leberkloesse' (liver dumplings). He once reportedly remarked that there was ‘nothing better than a liver dumpling’.
  • Comrade Stalin famously served a table groaning with delicious Georgian specialities such as Satsivi (a form of chicken and walnut stew), and copious amounts of vodka .... he once turned Nikita Khrushchev into a staggering incontinent wreck and Tito could only keep up with the toasting by vomiting into his jacket sleeve. NB: one Stalin’s chefs was Spiridon Putin, Vladimir’s grandfather!!
  • Jean Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Republic, was alleged to indulge in cannibalism. Bokassa's former cook, claimed to have been ordered to prepare a human corpse stuffed with rice and flambed in gins for his master (and presumably unsuspecting guests).
  • Idi Amin of Uganda, was alleged to indulge in cannibalism including keeping body parts of enemies in the fridge for those midnight feasts. He also devoured up to forty oranges a day to keep up his virility. More conventionally he also ate roast goat, cassava and millet bread.
  • Francisco Nguema of Equatorial Guinea was also alleged to indulge in cannibalism.
  • Mussolini was an aficionado of raw garlic to such an effect that he had salads of roughly chopped raw garlic, dressed with oil and lemon ... his wife reused to share his bed after some of his splurges. He also enjoyed a good ciambellone for pudding.

Now That's A Chicken Fit For Any Dictators Table

  • Niyazov of Turkmenistan's favourite food was a freshly baked loaf made by his mother. 
  • Muammar Gaddafi of Libya liked to eat couscous with camel meat, alongside Italian food, including pastries and pasta dishes, in particular macaroni. He was also another famous farter.
  • Chairman Mao Zedong of China had his favourite fish transported 600 miles from the Southern coast of China alive in plastic bags to his kitchens. 
  • Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben-Ali used to have his favourite brand of French ice cream flown in from Saint-Tropez in France daily.
  • Saddam Hussein of Iraq, loved British sweets .... Quality Street, Bounties and Mars Bars being particular favourites.
  • Malawi’s austere Hastings Banda kept crispy fried mopane worms in his trouser pockets (don't we all?) ... apparently they are simply dried and then eaten as a snack like crisps.
  • Fidel Castro of Cuba (who wasn't from peasant stock), ate grilled lobster and would lecture people on how to grill it. However his favourite was said to be 'turtle soup'.
  • Pol Pot of Khymer Rouge infamy was said to like nothing more than to dine on cobra stew but also venison, and wild boar.

So there you are .... the food fads of those who were treated as gods.

Addicted To Fame

I guess it had to come sooner or later. ... Madonna has officially turned into an old slapper.

She's 56 if she's a day, and she still dresses like a teenager .... although the boy George meets Alvin Martin look is so 80's. But nowadays the frills and flounces are more likely an attempt to try and cover her scrawny neck, and veined hands. They always say that plastic fantastic can't undo the ravages of time around the neck (well a bit), back of hands, and knees.

She has been a spent force musically for a number of years, but seemingly is either unaware of this fact, or no one close to her has the courage to tell her.  However somewhere in her core she knows her status has waned ... how else can we explain her tongue disappearing down the throats of every young girl singer she can lay her claw like hands on?

New Meaning to "Deep Throat"

However she surpassed herself in the 'Getting down with the kids', in what we hope is a last desperate throw of the fame dice ... but which has merely served to emphasise how desperate she has become .... her cringe making deep tongue episode with the rapper 'Drake' at the 'Coachella festival', where she surprise ambushed the firstly squirming, then gagging, rapper, was just the latest episode of granny making the news for all the wrong reasons.

Madonna Has Drake For Dinner aka "I Don't Remember Eating That"

Fame really is a drug, and all the money in the world (and she has nearly all the money in the world), don't compensate for its loss.

Conquistadors Carbon Conquest

Who would have thought it ..... but the latest theory on the causes of global warming is that the Conquistadors in South America were the cause.

How, well it appears that their slaughter of the natives of South America was so great, via all the illnesses that they took with them, and that the natives had no resistance to, that vast native farm lands returned to forest, and this caused the worlds CO2 levels to drop. This theory was proposed on the BBC World Service's Science in Action programme, when a Dr Lewis told the programme that there was a new possible explanation behind the current CO2 rise.

The Moment When CO2 Levels First Dropped .....

He said that the Conquistadors caused the deaths of "Around 50 million people" in the Americas, and that "most of those people were farmers, and this farmland grew back to the original vegetation - tropical forest, dry forest or savannah. And about half the dry weight of a tree is carbon, so all that growing vegetation removed enough carbon from the atmosphere to see a pronounced dip in the global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration that can be seen in ice core records. It provides an exact marker of the Anthropocene at 1610, the lowest point of CO2 in the ice-core record at that time."

So what is now happening, according to this theory, is that the destruction of the forests to create cattle ranches or palm oil plantations, is returning the worlds CO2 levels, to those last seen before the Conquistadors arrived in the lands of Incas and Mayans.

What all this means if its true, it is hard to say ..... I don't know what the world temperatures were before Columbus, nor what the sea levels were, but I do know that this is also a theory that has been backed by Jeremy Clarkson ..... funny old world.

No Fairy Cake

We discussed before an increase in attacks by minority interest groups on those who don't conform to the new ideology on such matters as 'Gay Rights', 'Race' or 'Gender' issues, and any other such matters that certain groups consider to be 'their rights'.

So we saw both the chairman of Mozilla and the chairman of the Premier League hounded in what increasingly looks like a deliberate and long campaign of intimidation of anyone brave enough to stick up two fingers to the madness of the forced conformity of views that this fascism will inevitably lead to. Oddly, those groups who advocate killing homosexuals, locking women in the home or genital mutilation to deny women sexuality, are not attacked in this manner ... mainly because the protesters are terrified of the reaction of the bearded madmen, who come streaming out of their strongholds at the drop of a hat, threatening immediate violence to any luvvies who stand in their way.

A recent example of the cowardice of the targets is the attack on the the Christian orientated Ashers Baking Company in Northern Ireland, who earlier last year had the outright temerity to decline to accept an order for a cake from a customer. The reason for the refusal was that as a 'Christian' organisation they don't support 'Gay Marriages', which incidentally are also still not legal in Northern Ireland (or at least weren't at the time), and so they declined to bake a cake decorated with pro gay slogans supporting such ideas.

It gave the reason to the customer as the order request being "at odds" with its Christian beliefs, and presumably they suggested that the customer try on one of the hundreds of local bakery shops, who  would have been happy with such a commission. But in an action which suggests that this was a deliberately provocative and targeted order, the customer demanded financial compensation for the 'upset and inconvenience caused'.

They Found Another Cake Maker ...

Now as they had never done more than simply refuse the order (which is no different to them saying, 'sorry our order bookings are full for the next xx months', please try another supplier), then how the customer could have been any more inconvenienced than looking in 'Yellow Pages', and making another phone call, its hard to see. In fact had the shop simply lied, and used that excuse, then presumably the customer would have had no obvious reason to complain. So this matter lies purely on the fact that the cake was being ordered by an 'unnamed' (funny, he ~ I am assuming its a 'he' ~ can be unnamed, but the company name gets plastered over the press), 'gay activist' for a civic event in Bangor, County Down, marking 'International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia'.

Once he or they had been refused the 'modest damages for the upset and inconvenience caused', he immediately reported the matter to the Equality Commission, which presumably had little to do in Northern Ireland now that the 'troubles' have subsided, and said that after contacting the firm and its solicitors, who are robustly defending their clients, that it was to begin civil proceedings against them.

And in another example of the double standards that one side always seems to employ, the chief commissioner of the Equality Commission talked quite openly about the 'Ashers case' during the 'Gay Pride' debate in Belfast, but has since claimed he is not free to talk about it in a public debate.

Now, I am bothered by several issues here, but not the the legal rights and wrongs of the arguments ... whether either side has the law on their side, is for a court to determine. No, the issues that bother me are:

Not only is this new attempted interpretation of the law, saying that not only can't you discriminate against someone for their sexual orientation, but that you can be forced to propagandise (being forced to make products promoting a lifestyle is propagandising), on behalf of those beliefs, even when they are against your own.

I am not against 'gay rights' where that says that someone's sexual orientation is entirely their own matter, as long as it hurts no one else or infringes on no one else's rights. But taking it from the bedroom to the workplace, or demanding that others conform to the idea that homosexual behaviour is unchallengeable, is pressing against what I believe is the fundamental freedom of conscience. Just as a for instance, would a conscious objector still be allowed to not fight in a war, if this was based upon their 'Christian ideals', now that this same set of ideals is not sufficient grounds to defend against being forced to commemorate or propagandise for 'gay rights'?

These sorts of discussions open up many questions that we have discussed before, and which libertarians should be able to answer, but can't:

Q: If we say that 'equality rights', always supersede and override the rights of those people who claim that an action is against their own beliefs, where is the balance?
Q: Can you be forced by law to propagandise for practices that are against your own beliefs?
Q: Do homosexual rights trump all other rights, such as freedom of religion?
Q: Why are other groups, some of whom openly preach against homosexuality, not subject to the same pressures as Christian groups?

When minority pressure groups start hunting down 'soft targets' such as cake shops, where is the bottom line? Will they start picketing individuals homes, harassing their children, sending hate mail, trolling on social media? ..... Just where does it legitimately end?

Its a very disturbing trend that does nothing for equal rights, and seems very like the sort of thought fascism that holds Islamic countries in thrall. It feels as though the very idea of freedom of conscience appears to be under severe threat with this 'unequal' rights legislation.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Man Of The People

Ed Miliband is about as working class as Tony Blair was ..... and maybe even less so, which is saying something ..... this is a problem which his minders and PR guru's are forever trying to counter. So for example, on the 25th of May 2014, just prior to the Euro elections, they staged a 'photo op' at Covent Market in London.

The 'visit' was staged to promote Mr Miliband’s then pledge to help small firms by cutting rates and reforming the banks (how wasn't actually specified, as usual ... but hey, why let substance interfere with style). So obviously as well as buying fresh cut 'flowers' at 06:30 am (like we all do), he also wanted to be seen as just an 'ordinary bloke', representing 'Doncaster North', and who just happened to be stopping by for a mug of tea and a breakfast bite, in a local 'greasy spoon' cafe. I know, no don't laugh, this is what happens when you parachute Labour Party apparatchiks in to safe seats in the North, and elbow local men and women aside ... remember Peter 'mandy' Mandelson, being given a seat in Hartlepool (Its called local democracy, Labour style).

Obviously, as child from Primrose Hill, north London, and educated in Corpus Christi College, Oxford, he has nothing whatsoever in common with the general residents of Doncaster North, including it seems his eating habits. Still someone in his entourage decided that a 'bacon butty' was the perfect image to give to the press .... working class fodder vote winner if ever there was one (well ignoring those who shun pork).

Why Do All Labour Leaders Now Look Like Frankie Howard?


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