Friday, 31 July 2015

Monkey Love

A twenty three year old woman, has claimed that she was sexually assaulted by two Barbary Macaques (a form of small ape) which live on the outcrop of Gibraltar.

Barbary Apes Quite Big Boys ..... Apparently

Better Late Than Never

The Monty Python movie 'Life of Brian', a movie now shown on afternoon TV on Sundays, was originally banned in 1979 in many parts of Britain for its 'blasphemous content'.

Monty Pythons 'Life Of Brian' ... Satirical Not Blasphemy

Beggars Can Be Choosers

The news that only 199 out of 1002 police arrests (and that's a low amount of arrests given how widespread the problem is), for begging, were actually homeless is hardly a shock .... this fact has been exposed a number of times, with even waged workers taking up begging at the weekend and evening as a tax free earner.

Modern Beggars Are Seldom Poor Or Homeless ....

Boomerang Effect

I have not followed the Cane Toads in Australia story for quite a while .... last time I looked they were still expanding their range, but it was hoped that natural obstacles such as deserts, and Mountains, would mean that even if man couldn't halt them, natural geography would. This would mean that the south and western parts of the continent would (barring accidental introductions via cars, trucks, trains, or crate packages), remain free of the pest.

There were also programs on-going to:
  • Cull the toads.
  • Harvest and sell the toads to China and Vietnam as delicacy (strangely if they were native to China they would likely be endangered, given that countries propensity to eat anything that walks or crawls or swims).
  • Find some commercial use for them in medicine.
  • Stop them breeding via neutralised females.
  • Protect the native species that their presence endangers.

..... and even some talk of toad leather for shoes etc ..... in fact anything at all, that might put the brake on this creatures expansion. But none of the suggestions or actions seemed to be definitive solution and their numbers just kept growing.

No, Not This Common Toad .....

Friday, 24 July 2015

Stupid Selfies

The newest way to show that you are stupid, is to endanger both yourself and wild animals, by attempting to take photo 'selfies' with them. I am not talking about being photo bombed by some animal popping up unexpectedly in your pictures, nor the sort, where the animal is way, way, behind you, but I am talking about the sort where its furry, scaly or leathery face is right next to yours, or as close to that as possible.

The latest set of idiots to be warned about this are the tourists in the US Yellowstone Park reservation, located in north-west Wyoming, who have taken to getting up close and personal (well, within 18ft -5.5m - of the animal) with 2,000 pound (900kg) Bison's and other assorted critters.

Predictably the Bison etc, don't always react well to this personal space invasion, and can charge at about 30 mph .... park rules say that you stay at least 75ft (23m) away from the very large animals, and even further away from predatory animals such as bears or wolves!

Bison 'Selfies' Can Go Wrong .....


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