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Porkies In Uganda

Two piglets were cross examined by police in Uganda for "terrorism-related material" after being daubed in the colours of the governing party with slogans alleging MPs are corrupt, and then. let loose in the Ugandan Parliament by anti-corruption protesters.  Hardly a surprise when you consider that Uganda is notorious for its graft levels, in a continent where corruption is the only way to get things done ....

The Trotters In The Slammer

Now, if your are the henchman of some grafting corrupt politicians, then you have to be seen to being acting on behalf of your paymasters, so the two piglets were rounded up by the custodians of  law and order, and taken in for testing .... along with the two cheeky protesters, Robert Mayanja and Norman Tumuhimbise, who both face charges of criminal trespass (did they do any damage, except to already poor reputations?), 'conspiracy to sneak piglets into parliament' (is that even a crime?), and interrupting parliaments work (which also will be hard to prove).

Apparently with parliament being so ineffective in dealing with the fears of terrorist attacks, mainly because of Uganda's military involvement in Somalia, supporting the UN-backed government against the Islamist al-Shabab group, its now "standard practice" to test for terrorism-related material as "there could have been another motive other than a protest" .... well according to Police spokeswoman Polly Namaye.

Yeah, right .....

.... lets just hope they didn't take their trotter prints and send them to Interpol!

Leopard Woman

Anything mountain man Blažo Grković from Bosnia Herzegovina can do, a 54 year old Indian widow can do better .... well almost.

If you recall, Mr Grković fought off and killed a brown bear with his bare hands, while protecting his flock of sheep, and I posted on it to scepticism in some quarters .... so steady yourselves while I recount the tale of Kamla Devi from Koti Bodna village in Uttarakhand.

She was gathering wood and grass fodder in the local jungle with a small hand sickle and a spade, but was carrying water from a canal to her crop field when a full grown leopard attacked .... it was probably attracted by her previously bent position, as leopards, like most big cats prefer to go for the neck of prey and stalk attack from behind. In any event, Mrs Devi fought back and in a battle that is believed to have lasted between 30 minutes and an hour, she eventually won free and staggered back to her village before collapsing.

Leopard Attacks Increasing In India

She needed over 100 stitches and game wardens found the leopards body near the scene of the battle she had described to her helpers

Mrs Devi Survived The Fight

..... a local wildlife expert told the press that 'This is possibly the first case of its kind' which he admitted was all the more remarkable as 'leopards rarely back down' in a fight.

When asked about it in hospital she said,“The leopard lunged at me many times and we fought for a long time. I got hold of my sickle and fought with it. That's when the leopard was killed." .... when praised for her courage she said  "I gathered my courage to fight back. I promised myself that this is not my last day here.”  

Londonistan Thrives

Over the years, I have posted a number of times on the apparent infiltration and corruption of the political processes by an Islamic clique in Tower Hamlets, London.

  • In March 2010 I posted that an investigative journalist had suggested that a major London mosque, run by extremists, had also taken over the local Labour Party in Tower Hamlets.
  • In November 2013 I also posted on the re-emergence of Rotten Boroughs in UK politics and that leading the way was Tower Hamlets. Included in the post were serious allegations of both vote rigging and financial mismanagement.   
  • Finally, in June this year I alluded to the electoral malpractices that meant the European election results were delayed for 3 days because of dubious goings on at the vote counting stations in Tower Hamlets ~ including apparently threats and intimidation to the counters.  

The fact that a clique originally used the local Labour Party to achieve all this, has meant that both the national Labour Party, and successive governments just apparently ignored it. What was even more worrying was that all the local checks and balances, that are supposed to stop local political corruption without the need of a government intervention, apparently failed under the system of political correctness.

The Mayor Shows His Affiliations

Well finally it seems that this last voting scandal has finally embarrassed the powers that be (possibly because it was reported on overseas), in to some sort of action.

Lutfur Rahman, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets has finally (the string of allegations he has rung up is impressive), been served with High Court papers under the Representation of the People Act 1983, alleging that his campaign as an independent for the 'Tower Hamlets First' (prior to 2011, he was in the Labour Party) was a fraud, with claims of people voting who were not entitled to (not for the first time in that borough), and promises of council housing given to the Bangladeshi and Somali communities in return for their votes.

Flag Flying Is Popular In Tower Hamlets .....The ISIS Flag (or Rayah), Was Later Taken Down By A Catholic Nun

Apart from the claims of straightforward corruption, the allegations also include the claim that he used 'spiritual influence' (presumably backed by the Mosque), by telling 65,000 Muslims that if they voted for the Labour party (they don't vote for Liberals or Conservative, so no need to mention them), it would be a 'sinful act' and that 'Allah would punish them'. The threats also included the promise from a few friendly Imams, that Muslims who voted for the very halal Lutfur Rahman, would be rewarded in paradise for this 'virtuous and Islamic act', and he backed this up with an earthly pleasure, by holding banquets for various Muslim groups. These are all unproven allegations and the case will be heard in court in the Autumn.

However in the meantime Mr Rahman has made no move to step down until the case is heard .... something that would be expected of the Mayor in any other area of the country, which is a sure sign of how far from 'British standards' these backward ghetto communities have been allowed to drift ..... but the Labour Party, who must have been aware of what was happening over the years did nothing. Possibly as he was the Labour leader of Tower Hamlets London Borough Council from 2008 to 2010, but they finally acted, when he allegedly used ghost voters to try and win the selection as Labour Candidate for the post of directly elected mayor. He was finally rejected from the process, and left the Labour Party to stand as an 'Independent' in 2010 .... he won, but with further allegations about his methods, including claims that he threatened council officers.

As one national newspaper commentator put it. "We spend far too much time protecting the culture of those who join our country. And far too little defending the culture they have chosen to replace".

Gun Toting Teachers

In the USA, after every Columbine style massacre, of which there have been many, the same old arguments rage. Should 'gun control' be brought in or tightened, but the debate is always stalled by politicians who will publicly shed many tears, but privately block, or better still, quietly stall any legislation that's proposed.

But no matter how bad the crime, the US seems to be prepared to keep its citizens "right to bear arms" (in defence of the state), with the price being the occasional massacre of the innocents. There is just no bipartisan consensus on the issue, with some, supporters of a big reduction in the rights to bear arms, while equally there are a vociferous group of others, backing the ideas of 100% gun ownership, as proposed by the National Rifle Association (NRA). Of course, the NRA only have to keep the status quo, so any resistance or threat of vote withdrawal to Senators or Congressman, by an organised group, is enough to forestall any changes, even assuming there is an appetite for such changes (and that's by no means a certainty).

But amongst all the arguments, the one that struck me as most bizarre was the NRA line that 'teachers in schools should be armed', in order to better defend the students if a shooting attack occurs.

That one idea says more about the difference between the US and Europe (or even their neighbours Canada), than anything else. The fact that the primary advocates of gun ownership, in a straight faced manner, will argue in the debate, that US teachers have to be prepared to have gun fire-fights with deranged teens in the class rooms and corridors. 

Teacher Training US Style.

This is frankly such an amazing argument, that in any other civilised country it would have lost the debate, but not in the US. So going forward, the job description for the US teacher will be, 'marksman or woman, willing to put life on line', oh, and if you have any qualifications in teaching, it would be an advantage.

Mind you in a week when a nine year old girl killed her gun instructor and a couple of years ago, a five-year-old boy shot dead his two-year-old sister in the US state of Kentucky, using a gun marketed for children called the 'Crickett' (can you imagine making guns for children?), and many children (mainly white) are trained in gun defence, perhaps its for the best if the teachers are routinely armed.

Still you can't make this stuff up. My solution?

Have a full referendum on banning private ownership of automatic and semi automatic weapons in the US. Take the matter out of corrupt politicians hands and pressure groups, and let the people speak .... if they are prepared to accept an occasional school shooting or massacre, as the price for the right to bear arms, then let them say so.

In the land of the free, let them have a free choice ......  


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