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Strippers For Good

We have already had strippers for god on this blog before, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by strippers for good .... Apparently Striptease performers in the Russian city of Rostov are 'donating their day's wages' (whether voluntarily is anyone's guess as its the owner who makes the press statements), to the restoration of a children's holiday resort in Artek, which is located on the Crimea's subtropical south coast.

Seemingly it was an old Soviet-era workers institution, which used to be a dream resort for the USSR's children. Sergey Semkin, the owner of a striptease club called 'Province', says he was shocked to see a TV report of how run-down the camp had become ... "I wanted to go there on holiday when I was little, but alas, this was not meant to be" - so he decided he would contribute .... well his strippers would.

He did however confirm that it is only the strippers 'wages' that will be donated - not the tips which make up most of their earnings, and this follows waves of 'voluntary' and 'patriotic' salary donations, from workers across Russia (including a days salary from councillors, officials, teachers, library workers and doctors in the Rostov region), following the return of the Crimea to the bosom of Mother Russia.

Strippers Heels - Deadly Weapons.

Funny how 'patriotic' the hearts of even the most mercenary of bosoms can be following a territorial land grab ...... but things might not have gone as well if the strip joint had been in the small Wisconsin town of Juneau.

There, in January 2013, at the gentleman's club known as 'Silk Exotic', two of the entertainers were arrested after violence broke out. The cause of the trouble was a single dollar. Apparently a Gentleman admirer handed one dancer a $1 note, as a perfunctory tip .... another of the dancers, who believed that her own performance was more worthy, made a grab for the note, and fisticuffs broke out.

Needless to say, both women ended up with a $250 citations for disorderly conduct from the Dodge County police. The sheriff, Todd Nehls told the local newspaper, the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen (yep, really!!). "I was surprised. We seldom receive calls for service from this business. This is a rare exception." Still if it might have been tough getting money from these two ladies for a child's holiday camp, imagine what it would be like in Texas, where stripper wars are common place.

'New Black Panther Party' activist Quanell X, defended an exotic dancer who beat up a fellow performer at the 'Millionaire Boyz Club' in Northwest Houston. Apparently the incident was filmed via mobile phones and uploaded onto the Internet, where it proceeded to go viral .... a few months later in an Austin Texas strip club named 'Hot Bodies', there was what was described by witnesses, as a '17-women' cat fight, that resulted in one male spectator losing his left eye, after he was hit with a high-heeled shoe, according to the local TV channel 'KXAN Ch. 36'.

Now as I believe that the Russian Strippers are at least a match for the US versions, I have to assume that the Russian ladies weren't asked about the wage donation, or all hell may have broken loose, and it may be that something round, but not an eye, that got stamped by a stiletto heel.

Armless Joke

David holding his gun .... but not the the one Michaelangelo may have envisioned so Italy is up in arms over his baring arms ... Yes this advert by Armalite, of Michaelangelo's 'David' holding an AR-50A1 assault rifle has upset the Italian Government.

Work Of Art, or Cheeky Joke?

Italy's culture minister has said that the advert was not only offensive but violated the Italian law as it has copyright on the commercial use of images of David. Luckily this is a non commercial site then ....

Actually what I found funny about this is that this is the same Italian government who are overseeing the collapse of the ruins of Pompeii ... where both the the United Nations and the European Union had demanded urgent action as walls collapse because despite funds from bodies around the world, the Italian government have misspent or 'lost' the funds ... aka corruption.

I can say this because last year, the €105m ($145m) "Great Pompeii" rehabilitation project was launched, with the EU contributing €41.8m. However, one Italian newspaper said that only €588,000 had been spent, and now the Italian Prime Minister is appealing for the 'Private Sector' to start repairing the heritage sites .... so this begs the question as to where the balance, of the fund amounting to €105.4m has gone?

I would suggest that the Italian culture minister look to where all the money goes in his department before worrying about adverts in the US.

Gay Pride?

The demands of the 'gay pressure' groups has long since left the bedroom behind .... when homosexuality was made legal, or perhaps more truthfully, decriminalised by the passing of the Sexual Offences Act in 1967, many hoped that homosexuals would be happy with having the equality of what went on in their bedrooms, being treated the same as for everyone else. But that has not proved the case, and their ever shriller demands for 'equality' have grown louder over the subsequent decades.

They have considered themselves both a 'persecuted minority' one one hand, and a 'significant percentage' of the male population on the other, and have projected both images in about equal measure for the last 30 yrs ..... on the first, they are wrong about being persecuted, on the latter they are wrong about being a significant percentage of the male population. The only true test on the numbers of homosexual men was carried out by the NHS in the UK (Over concerns over blood donor supplies), and this showed that the numbers of homosexual (or bisexual men) at around 3-4% of the UK population.

Despite this, they have pressed for ever more recognition in spheres far outwith their one area of alleged difference i.e. sexual behaviour, and have been given further 'rights' .... but they were not content with the civil authorities recognition of their relationships in law, via 'Civil Partnerships', but further insisted, and were granted, that they be recognised as 'married', in some weird parody of the religious recognition that so many of the activists seem to want. To the first of those aspirations they have now got civil marriages, and as to the latter wish they are well on their way to subverting the Church of England, and even the last Pope complained of a 'Gay Lobby' inside the highest echelons of the Catholic Church.

So where will this all end? Well the pressured 'sacking', or 'enforced resignation', or ... well call it what you will, removal of Mr Brendan Eich, the chief executive and co-founder of Mozilla, is a new low, but probably the benchmark for the next round of 'gay fascism', whereby everyone who has ever opposed the 'gay rights' movement, even only as a private individual 'gets there comeuppance'. No doubt there will be various trials by social media juries, whereby the accused will be found guilty of 'thought crimes', and hounded out of their jobs ..... McCarthyism applied by civil actors.

It's actually ironic that a self-proclaimed 'minority', who believe that they have long been 'persecuted' for holding unpopular views, can now turn around and persecute others for the exact same reason ... and apparently feel no shame for their hypocrisy. Its raised a lot of counter anger in the US, although not in the UK that I have seen. Posters referring to the 'Gaystapo' are now on many right-wing US sites

By the way, for the benefit of those who don't follow US, or gay politics, Mr Eich's 'crime' was that he voiced a personal opinion, through a donation to a legally placed ballot initiative in California, and whose various political pronouncements he did not fashion .... this opinion was one that the 'gay' community didn't agree with, and in particular a fascist element within that community, who insist that all people's opinions conform to their view, and mercilessly bully and intimidate those whose don't.

The Campaign Against Mr Eich Was Short, But Savage.

In any free society, Mr. Eich would be perfectly entitled to his own opinions, and should be free to express them as long as they don't incite violence, but as we are increasingly aware we are no longer in a free society. There are groups about whom we are no longer allowed to say anything negative, and in expressing contrary views (even discreetly) we risk being vilified by a mob.

In effect we have now reached the point where we have ask, 'Is it now ok to discriminate against someone at work for their personal views?' ..... well after seeing Brendan Eich 'resign' after less than a month on the job, because of the pressure of orchestrated boycott campaigns, we have to answer that it apparently is.

Those full-time gay-rights professionals in the US and UK, will apparently not rest until a homogeneous and stultifying monoculture is settled upon the lands, and in that aim they are joined by the legions in the PC and race Multiculturalism industry's in the same countries .... and if that means unleashing ignorant social media lynch mobs, to pronounce anathema upon any individuals such as a California technology executive, for their private views, acted on in their private lives, then so be it.

Its interesting to note that consensual homosexual acts between adults are still illegal in about 70 out of the 195 countries of the world (approximately 36% of the worlds countries); And with homosexuals being jailed again in Egypt, you would think that the lesbian and gay lobbies would concentrate on those issues (possibly with the Women's Lib activists who face the same foe in many parts of the world, and with much the same inaction), and not on suppressing free speech or thought in countries where they have more than met their demands.

We have ended up walking down a very thorny path, one which probably wasn't envisaged when the decision to decriminalise homosexuality was passed by politicians in the UK (and was followed by similar acts in other western countries) ....

When 'minority rights' overrule majority wishes, you have damaged your democracy, and are on the hard road to totalitarianism.

Faded Memories In Our Lifetime

A rare tale of the heroism of many, from a time we have all dismissed .... its a rather traumatic account of one man and his families struggle against the evil that was state socialism in Eastern Europe. I would urge anyone to read it and watch the BBC iPlayer TV version while they are still up, because its easy to forget what the world was really like for millions of people, whose children live amongst us today .

We have quickly dismissed memories of the evils of Communism from our collective minds, and even though recent events in the Crimea have evoked ghost like memories of what it was like, most of us have forgotten the evil done under the communist and state socialist banner. The torture, the Gulags and perhaps most insidious of all, the constant surveillance, with its promise of arrest or blackmail for any infringement of thought or word.

The Chains Of The Past - Still Weigh Heavy

Mr Bugan wasn't trying to instil a creed worse than that in place, which has often been the case in the Arab spring, where bad secular regimes are often being replaced by even worse Islamic ones, but rather to simply have free elections, and to live a life without fear of arbitrary arrest or imprisonment ....

I have blogged before about how tolerant we in the West have been about the politics of the extreme far left, with a large numbers of left wing 'socialist' parties (which often had their roots in the post World War II political settlement), while vilifying any who espouses 'right wing views (which includes many US Republicans, outside of the USA).

Its interesting to note that the brave, but rather mild Mr Bugan, would undoubtedly be considered a 'class enemy' by many of the left wing political parties which are allowed to agitate for 'socialism' in the UK ... its a funny world.


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