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Creations That Will Never Make It To Primark

When fashion students put on their Graduate Fashion Week, they are usually a bit odd, but sometimes they are also striking images. So its possibly no surprise that when Sho Takemura from Nottingham Trent University, presented her graduation show at Graduate Fashion Week in London, it attracted much press coverage ....

These Creations May Not Make It To Primark
The Japanese Crisp (Chips to Americans) Packet Seems To Have A Navigation Flaw

.... I know that the aim isn't to necessarily produce practical clothing, more to produce ideas that can be toned down for high street clothing. However, I have to question how a packet of crisps over your head will ever be practical .... or even the other 'Gimp' masks.

If it ever made it to Primark's, then it would make my complaints about Burkha's seem a bit daft ....


Who would have thought that the Taliban were avid shoppers of male grooming items?

Apparently, in the areas that they control in Pakistan (North Waziristan etc), the biggest customers for male grooming products are, or rather were, the younger male Taliban members, so as the Pakistani army conducted its bi-annual 'terrorist clean up' in the tribal areas, by bombing innocent locals and claiming they were 'insurgents' (while the Taliban sits in Afghanistan awaiting the Pakistani armies departure), the younger male Taliban members went shopping.

Strangely, they wouldn't buy locally manufactured products, and so local shop keepers had to import foreign or branded perfumes, and imported body sprays. They apparently preferred the ones with a strong scent - presumably because power showers are not freely available in the tribal areas.

Whites Are Popular With Some Taliban

The list of Taliban shoppers preferences included:

  • Dove soap - that's the moisturised one I understand.
  • Head & Shoulders shampoo - many an itchy scalp under those head clothes.
  • White underwear - no flies on these boys
  • Perfumes: the most popular perfumes (which we assume are for the 'jihadi brides' ... but who knows, maybe for Chai boys), were 'Secret Love' and 'Blue Lady' by Rasasi

So deep is the love of preening amongst the Jihadi boys, .... that some of them, such as Abu Fulan al-Muhajir, a 'British' Jihadist, has been posting requests for 'hair care .... beard products', while he is supposedly fighting, murdering, and beheading people in Syria in a holy war.

He actually tweeted to the world, his current concerns, which don't include jihad, but rather the carnage in his follicles ... "My beards's got split ends. What to do?!?!?!"

Abu Fulan al-Muhajir - Beard Tosser!

Of course, amongst the legends of terrorism, where beard care was paramount, there was little reluctance in promoting the finer styling products. 

Western Style Products Are Most Popular

Indeed, so large is this demand for 'luxury Western' products in Taliban controlled areas, that one local shop keeper in North Waziristan claimed to have earned between 100,000 and 115,000 rupees a day (£680 or $1,163 per day), from this source alone. This represents a fortune in Pakistan, but wouldn't be sniffed at in the UK either.

"They would drive to my shop in big white cars with black-tinted windows and had no qualms about doling out wads of cash. The kind of things they would buy, well people like me can't even conceive of buying them." .... the shop keeper reported.

He, like the Taliban, left the area well before the highly advertised army offensive, and as the Taliban had been tipped off, many had started selling off their electronic equipment at dirt-cheap rates. No real problem for them, as they will simply appropriate the banks money when they return later in the year, and then buy all new, top of the range phones and cameras.

Of course this tipping off of the terrorists, which was aimed at ensuring that the Pakistani army doesn't have to actually fight very hard, and also leaves the militants intact (which is the Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence aim), has left only the largely innocent tribal locals, to be bombed and killed by the might of the armed forces .... so yet another glorious victory on home soil for both the ISI, and the nations finest.

Last Man Standing

This year saw the 25th anniversary of the Tienanmen Square protests that led to the biggest crackdown by the Communists in the decades since the Cultural Revolution in the 1960's. An anniversary that was commemorated by the house arrest of every human rights supporter in Beijing to stop protests, even though most Chinese people never got told what happened in 1989. Thousands were killed, and many more were arrested and sent to re-education and labour camps .... but even in protest, the rich or connected have it better in a corrupt Communist society. Only Hong Kong in China still remembers (and recent events show that they know they have to resist now) ......

Hong Kong Still Remembers The 'Tienanmen Square Massacres'.

Its alleged that the only Tienanmen protester who is still in custody is a Mr Miao Deshun .... who was a lowly factory worker from Beijing, and whose only charged crime was throwing a bakery bread basket at an already burning tank in Tienanmen Square. For this he was sentenced to death, later commuted to a life sentence of labour and re-education .... kind of a 'Education through Work' punishment (where have I heard that kinda thing before?), but many others got the same sentence.

Now you might expect that in a society in which everyone is equal, that in fact all the protesters would get the much the same sentences, but apparently those with 'connections', such as Wang Dan, one of the protest organisers, were given a mere four years in prison ....while Miao Deshun, whose part in the protest was minimal is still imprisoned, and believed to be the last man still imprisoned.

He is possibly never going to be released, even after his 25th year in incarceration this year, in fact its not even clear that he still lives, because he has apparently shown tremendous courage and refused to apologise for exercising what was nominally his constitutional rights. He has apparently gone even further, and in the face of what we can only imagine included much physical maltreatment, he:

  • Refuse to admit any guilt, or sign a 'confession'.
  • Refuses to carry out any assigned prison work, he just sits in his cell.

He is now in a psychiatric prison in the middle of nowhere, where he refused visits from his family, and so hasn't been seen for years ..... in this treatment he reminds me a little bit of the Israeli prisoner of conscience Mordechai Vanunu, who served 18 yrs in an Israeli prison (mostly in solitary confinement), for telling the world that Israel had a not so secret nuclear program and had made bombs.

In Defence Of The Trojan Horse

After the 'Trojan horse' scandal in some schools in the UK', where some secular state schools were found to have been subverted into following Islamic practices, I expected that, knowing how the BBC can't stand it if Islam gets 'attacked' , they were bound to have a twist on the events .... So I was waiting for the 'empire' to fight back and the only issue was what form would it take?

Well they took me by surprise by casting around for some 'other' (meaning 'white') group, who have somehow committed the same 'sin' as the Muslims (meaning 'victimised' non whites, preferably of south Asian heritage, by forcing them to practise Christianity) .... it took a week or so, and they couldn't actually find any minorities being persecuted by Christian fundamentalists, but then they hit a sort of pay-dirt. So without even pretending that this story is anything but a biased retaliation they launched off with ..

"The Trojan Horse investigation has focused on an alleged plot to take over some Birmingham schools and run them according to Islamic principles. But while the role of Islam in education has come in for scrutiny, across the UK many students also follow a strict "fundamentalist" Christian curriculum."

.... and with those words they opened into an attack on 'Christian fundamentalist schools' .... completely missing the point entirely, about why the issue of the 'Islamification' of secular state schools was a problem.

Welcome To England - English Language Optional ....
While both religions (Christianity in only in the most extreme of form - see Church of England for 'normal' Christianity), are supposedly 'anti-homosexual', and both are theoretically 'pro-creationist', that's about the only common ground between them exists:

  • These 'Christian' schools are in fact 'Independent' and fee paying - therefore the parents know exactly what they are sending their children to.
  • The 'Islamic' schools were not in fact Islamic, but were secular state schools, where non Muslim children happened to be in 'minority', and whose parents had no choice but to send them to the schools which were the subject of the 'Islamification' attempts.
  • The 'Christian' schools do not segregate boys and girls standard practices.
  • The 'Islamified' state schools tried to enforce gender segregation at assemblies and in the classrooms, and other activities.
  • The 'Christian' schools do not impose 'religious' dress codes on girls or female members of staff.
  • The 'Islamified' schools tried to enforce Islamic religious dress codes on non Muslim girls and female members of staff, by exerting pressure and veiled warnings.
  • A Christian school, is forced by law to accept at least 50% non christian children and teach them all faiths, even when it opposes the schools ethos.
  • But at a non faith secular 'Islamified' school, in a predominantly Muslim area, all the children are expected to adhere to Islamic principles and other religions were not taught or denigrated.
  • The 'Christian' schools do not turn out terrorists ..... especially not to operate in the Islamic world.
  • The 'Islamified' schools do turn out terrorists ... well who knows how many of their alumni will turn up on the battlefields of the Middle East, or in the Old Bailey? .... We just don't know what damage they have done in the 5 years that they have been radicalising.

These are differences that the BBC failed to highlight in its 'comparison', and which are crucial as to the damage they cause us. But still the BBC feels that it should highlight these 'Christian' schools, and treat former pupils as though they were victims of cult programming.

Interestingly they haven't tried to find former pupils of the 'Islamified' schools, who can then be interviewed, as though they were victims who had been brain washed like a cult .... maybe that would be too close to the truth?     


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