Friday, 27 November 2015

In For The Long Haul

And you thought that the commuter traffic was bad around your journey? Well think again.

The drivers on the East African highway between Mombasa and Nairobi, have recently been experiencing a traffic jam reportedly stretching for 50km (30 miles) following heavy rains which washed the road away. The road, which is very heavily used, is the main transit for passengers and goods from and to the port of Mombasa (East Africa's main port for the regions economies such as Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan and Rwanda).

East African Highway ... Barely More Than A Tarmac Track

Stupidest Story Of The Week

A DNA study finds that London was ethnically diverse from start .... Wow .... Fecking Hell .... who woulda thunk it!.

Romans Too White For Some Modern Tastes .....

The Truth Will Out

I see that an opinion poll in the UK has apparently confirmed once again, that about 25% of the 18 - 35 year old Muslims questioned in a poll (following the attack on Paris), have indicated sympathy for the actions of those who go to fight for IS in Syria.

Controversial Opinion Poll .....

Labours Wets

No one can ever claim that the (far?) left would be shy about their triumph in reclaiming the Labour Party leadership again, after decades in the political wilderness.

Of course, they have apparently learnt little in the years since Michael Foot led the party into the wilderness. So rather than recalling the lessons of their own party history, and not repeating those mistakes, they seem hell bent on the idea that they are picking up the tattered red flag of socialism, found lying stricken on a battlefield, and waving it from the ramparts again (no doubt with the sound track of the "The Red Flag" in the background).

The Peoples Flag Is Deepest Red ....

Friday, 20 November 2015

Who Wants To Be A Kardashian?

There is an Internet phenomena of which most of us have little exposure (including me) ..... its self-filming or video blogging via YouTube. This is where families or groups of people, detail their lives in a reality TV style, but on the Internet.

Some of these shows apparently have many followers, but the majority less so. Many in the US exhibit or promote particular lifestyle choices, such as a deep Christianity, but others have more mundane concerns, such as promoting both themselves and certain products (which are either sponsored or the show makers want to get paid to sponsor).

The Waltons - Role Models For YouTube Families


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