Friday, 3 January 2014

Blind Backing

The West has more or less staunchly, backed the 'rebels' in the civil war in Syria, despite much evidence that they are at least as bad as the regime is, and very probably worse in relation to murder, rape and terror. However every now and then the mask of lies that surround these 'rebels', and the true manner of their operations slips. One such moment came when in a story about the kidnap of two Spanish journalists (and its the fact that they are journalists, that is probably why the reporters at the BBC decided to be more frank in their report).

In the story, when two Spanish journalists were captured by the rebels, four members of the Free Syrian Army (the main Western-backed rebel group aka the best of a bad rebel bunch), who were protecting them, were also 'captured' but were later released. The BBC reporter then stated that the the Islamic State [terrorist] group (Isis) " assumes that all foreign journalists and aid workers are spies", and that there is such a "high risk of kidnapping" that it "has made rebel-held areas of Syria a black hole where few foreign journalists - or aid workers - will venture", which leaves Syrian civilians to their none too tender mercies, god help them.

Spanish Journalists Kidnapped By Syria Rebels

The two journalists are now thought to be locked up in an Isis jail in the northern city of Raqqa, held with between 20 and 30 aid workers and journalists currently in captivity, including a number of other foreigners - and dozens, perhaps hundreds, of ordinary Syrians. One suspects that it's a hell hole.

So far, 25 journalists have been killed, along with as many as 80 citizen journalists and bloggers ... and remember that this religious genocidal terrorism is somehow better than having left the regime in place in many westerners eyes. In all, about 100,000 people have died since the fighting started less than three years ago, which is not far short of the numbers who have died in Iraq in nearly 14 years. Of course the regime is terrible, and implicated in many murders such as that of Mr Abbas Khan, the Doctor who had apparently entered Syria illegally to offer medical aid to the rebels, but who died in a regime prison .... but there is at least an argument to say that he was in fact in Syria supporting terrorism, even if as a non combatant, and that he had risked his life by:

(a) Going in to Syria - a known war zone (he could after all have stayed in Turkey and helped in the refugee camps).
(b) Choosing to try and get to a 'rebel' area, which was in effect declaring himself as being on the same side as the various jihadist groups who comprise the 'rebels'.
(c) Entering a war zone with no visa - must include a real risk of capture by a regime that he presumably opposed.

Questions that no one in the UK seems to care to ask  ..... In the meantime the cost in lives, money and misery of everyone keeping the war going through their proxies is just horrific ...

The Costs Of War .....

Its funny that the money for modern Education, Roads, Electricity, clean Water, and Health Care are usually lacking in the Middle East, but money for Ideology, Mosques, Wars, Bombs and Bullets etc is always readily available .... so all you have to do is pick which horror regime out the scum available, to support.

If we must pick a side to pity and actively support, then for once let us pick a cause that's long been neglected by the West, that of the poor Christians in the Middle East, who face genocide by the terrorist groups that we are asked by the Muslims in the West to support. In another 20 yrs, the 14 - 18 million Christians who lived in the whole region 15 yrs ago will have been eradicated, while our weak lily livered Western politicians stood back and watched, for fear of offending the sort of scum at home, who believe that hacking people to death after running them over, is a holy duty that makes them 'warriors'.

As I have pointed out before, along with many others, we in the West are the architects of our own eventual demise ..... what's happening to the Christians in the Middle East, is what's we face happening to us next ... its just a matter of time and demographics.

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