Friday, 10 January 2014

Shermans March To The Sea

In another from the blast from the past series of posts, 'The Illustrated London News August 1864' continues to provide some interesting material .... of course the American Civil War was still raging, although the South was losing by now (but perhaps wasn't fully aware of this fact). 'The Illustrated London News' was reporting on the events as 'foreign' or 'other news'.

So the first report is underneath a story about Greece, in which an 'Admiral Canaris' formed part of the government .... by a strange coincidence that was also the name of the Nazi German Admiral who was killed for plotting against Adolf Hitler (Apparently the German Admiral Canaris believed that his family was related to the Greek admiral, freedom fighter and politician Constantine Kanaris, which influenced his decision to join the navy).

So back to the the Civil War .... General William T. Sherman is reported to be encircling Atlanta after his march to the sea, with shock and awe tactics, with repeated clashes between the armies, creating causalities in the order of 10,000 dead, and occurring on almost a daily basis as General Robert E Lee desperately tried to prevent the cities encirclement. There are also reports on other theatre's of the war .....

Reports On Sherman's March To The Sea

The news also included reports from Imperial India which interestingly show how much latitude was allowed to local leaders .... with reports of battles between an Ameer and his brother Afzul Khan over a succession. This also carried an update on General Grant destroying the Confederate fort of Petersburg.

And finally, finishing other US news was a report from the US Customs in San Francisco which illustrates that even in a civil war, life goes on and also that nothing is new under the sun. Opium smuggling was just as big a problem then as now, with the smugglers using false eggs to bring in the drugs ......   

I hope you have enjoyed the postings on the US in August 1864. 

Please note that for the purposes of the post, I have cleaned the newsprint up, and joined the latest news section to the main posting images. 


  1. Looks like Justin Bieber was eating some of those Chinese eggs!

  2. thanks for the comment ....


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