Friday, 31 January 2014

Legal Weasels And Foxy Justice

Once again the spinning wheel that is 'justice' in the western world has stopped and Amanda Knox (aka Foxy Knox) and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito,  have been reinstated as guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher, and both face long sentences .... But therein lies the rub, do they?

Old Foxy fled to the USA as soon as the first appeal set her 'free', and has since refused to return to Italy ... Her unspoken defence to the great unwashed of middle America seems to be that Europe, and Italy are backward countries, where a white American girl will get no justice (meaning she risks being found guilty, and being imprisoned),
although what 'human rights' and sympathy a twice convicted murderess deserves is a little hard to see from this side of the Atlantic and all utter bollocks of course, she should try being a foreigner in the US legal system. Knox can fight any extradition in a US court, citing among other things international human rights law, possibly playing the double jeopardy card (the US still prevents criminals being tried for the same crime twice), a practise that has been largely abandoned in Europe as it let too many wriggle free when new evidence emerged, especially DNA ....

Of course the US, while quick to demand the extradition of foreign nationals from other countries, is notoriously reluctant to return the same service to other countries demanding US citizens so she has a good chance of getting away with this ...... 

In The US She Is The Classic Innocent Abroad

But while this white middle class legal merry go round has been swirling through the Italian court's and world media, there has been one person in prison for the murder of Ms Kercher, and that of course is the black man Rudy Guede from the Ivory Coast, who has already been convicted of Miss Kercher's murder at the first trial, and sentenced to 16 years in prison. As that verdict specified that he did not commit the crime alone and he either hasn't or had been refused the round of appeals the two white suspects have, maybe they could ask him what really happened that night?

In Italy Her Image Is Much Darker

Of course the backdrop to all this is the whole Western legal process, which allows for a seemingly endless round of appeals ... I mean what are the point of the first or even second trials, when the results can apparently be ignored, in favour of a third trial or even a fourth? - Yes apparently, Knox and Sollecito can appeal for a fourth time. I fail to see how justice can be served, if the verdicts of 12 good men and true, and another 12, and another .... Well you get the idea, can be simply overturned by legal process time after time .... The only people this ultimately serves well are the lawyers.

But maybe I am jumping the gun here, because of course Knox is still in the US and has vowed to fight against any return to Italy to face justice …... and on that note, Italian police have also reportedly found Mr Sollecito very near the Austrian border, after he had left the courtroom just before the verdict was read out ... but after his passport was then taken away, his lawyers said he had never intended to flee .... yep! 

Still one has to wonder if the US interest would have been the same if Foxy Knoxy had been Foxy Brown and black .....


  1. It's difficult to comment when guilty verdicts can be wrong. If Knox is in fact innocent then justice is being served by her staying in the USA. That other people not have her skin colour or nationality to evade an injust verdict (if she is in fact innocent) doesn't make her more guilty, it's just doubly injust for them.

    1. She's. been found guilty on Two out of Three trials many trials do you think she deserves?

      Do we just keep going until she gets the verdicts she wants, or do we say on balance of probabilities, she has had her chance .(bearing in mind that it was the state that had to prove her guilt)?

      We have to have one justice system that's fair to all, not one which just keeps going until someone rich enough is found 'not guilty' ... criminals are found in all walks of life, including middle class American girls. Meredith Kercher was brutally attacked and murdered .... someone did it, and all the evidence says that it was more than one person who did it. The Italian state has determined upon two occasions that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, together with Rudy Guede were all guilty of that crime.

      However, for some reason Rudy Guede is in prison, with no appeals process, while the two middle class kids have managed to get lots of support to keep them largely free, and with some hopes of staying so. We all have to decide where justice for Meredith Kercher lies, and I for one am happy that the Italian courts have not wilfully misinterpreted the evidence to convict Ms Knox and her accomplice. In fact I suspect that given the international scrutiny, they have in fact bent over backwards to be scrupulous in procedure and process ... therefore on balance of trial outcomes she has been found guilty 2 out of 3 times.

      Whether that will be seen to be justice served I guess we will have wait a while to find out .... she may well end up 'free' in America, while both the African and Italian men do the time ... is that justice?

    2. You make your case very well, I concede to your reasoning.


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