Friday, 14 February 2014

Anything Goes - Not

There appear to be two sets of Iranians, the sophisticated educated middle classes, and the corrupt mullahs and their followers, who may be educated (but usually aren't), but are surely backward.

Recently they attacked and vilified a Brazilian model on her social media accounts, for not covering up her chest enough to satisfy the Iranian censors ..... well it seems that the oh so PC Olympic committee, which has pandered to the sexism of Muslim nations for decades, had noted the row, and performed its own bend-over to Islamic nutters .... yes at the Winter Olympics, someone decided that a bit of censorship was required, to pander to the Iranian males regimes views on women's dress codes.

Israeli and Iranian Winter Olympics Teams Led Out.

Not noticed the difference? Well that's probably because your normal, and don't lust after women who show forbidden flesh .... here's the photo again, but with more emphasis on the forbidden fruits ....

Olympic Standards For Iranians

Now You See It - Or Rather Now You Don't ..... as that's the point of this exercise, as the Russian Snow Maiden suddenly develops a need to cover her previously exposed knees and legs..

To be fair, many Iranians, still smarting from the humiliation that their lessen enlightened compatriots put their nation through in the Football World Cup draw, mocked the Olympic Committee.

One Iranian man on facebook said that this 'was the "outcome of the brave Iranian people's heroic anti-arrogance battles against Fernanda Lima"' ... acknowledging that the Olympic committee had kowtowed to the extremists. Another poster stated that "They were worried the Iranian athletes would faint if they saw the escort's legs", while yet another added that "Watching the Winter Olympic opening ceremony, I found signs that our revolution has been exported. What an honour!"

Now as this was the Winter Olympics, it was the sophisticated educated middle classes commenting, while the mullahs and their backward followers weren't interested enough to comment ... probably as they had won the war, and could ignore the odd sniper. 

Kinda reminds one of the lyrics old Cole Porter song "Anything Goes" ... one of the lines of which sums up the attitudes ..... but almost in reverse and with a different deity.

♪♪ In olden days a glimpse of stocking 
Was looked on as something shocking, 
 But now, Allah knows, Nothing Goes. ♪♪


  1. Sometimes you think there is almost a schizophrenia in Islam. On one hand they decalre the superiority of their belief and life system, this despite all the evidence in squalor, poverty, and violence that surrounds them daily, and they persecute any religious minority that they can lay their hands on. While on the other they are desperarate to get to the West (Christian lands), where they promptly proclaim that everyone should convert to Islam and demand that their belief be 'respected and protected'.

    If you came from outerspace, then you would probably believe that they are brainwashed, and can't react to the evidence of their own senses.

    1. I guess it comes with the idea of religion. Although the most prominent of examples today, during the 17th century, Christian Europe was very similar in many of its aspects. Thanks for the comment.


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