Friday, 7 February 2014

What Wimmin Really Want

I have questioned before what feminists want in the UK ..... it seems to me that unlike their foreign counterparts such as the Femen group, their campaigns are largely over small puerile 'issues' that are of no interest to 90% of the women in the UK, and that they dodge the big issues that really affect women. For instance there have been feminist 'campaigns' against:

  • Page 3 models. They have been after these for 40 yrs .... the Sun and Star newspapers have resisted, mainly out of spite LOL.

Page 3 Forever?

  • The worlds oldest professional service (were lawyers the second oldest? .. You know ... Moses and the Laws?): As part of this futile campaign, Jaqui Smith, who may have been the worst 'Home Secretary' in British political history, sponsored a bill in Parliament to make it a criminal offence to 'knowingly' have sex with a woman who was trafficked into the UK to become a prostitute. Specifically they were open wording it, to include anyone, having sex with any woman who was "controlled for another person's gain" .... rather obviously users of prostitutes were never going to ask the prostitute ... in the end, the act never got anywhere in the dying days of the Brown regime.

The Worlds Oldest and Most Honest Profession?

  • And finally, against British banknotes not having a woman's face on any denomination when Florence Nightingale was rotated off. Yes apparently, this was the latest big issue for Wimmin in the UK  Or at least that's what  a feminist called Caroline Criado-Perez believes. It was she who according to the BBC, who apparently 'led' the campaign to ensure that a woman's face was still on one of the banknotes of the UK ... not counting the Queen apparently. She was roundly abused and threatened by a section of 'social media users' for this, and convictions have occurred already (The Raoul Moat and Dale Cregan Chav brigade out in force again) .... this was considered a major news story on the BBC. 

Jane Austen Banknote - Worth All The Fuss?

Although I had noted the argument about women faces of banknotes, I had considered it just another dead campaign by the PC wimmin of the left, and had never heard of this woman. However, if she is going to be trumpeted as the new Germaine Greer by the BBC and the wimmin of the left, then perhaps she will have the balls to take on the real issues of women in the UK.

And to show that I am not just some 'sexist' man, using the diversionary tactic of  trying to ask, why are feminist fighting over tits on newspapers, or faces on banknotes, when 'children are starving in Africa'? Both of these feminist campaigns are issues that I would guess that 99% of the women in UK couldn't give a toss about. I asked at work about the banknotes campaign, and out of approximately 15 educated women casually questioned, only two had heard of this 'banknote campaign', and none knew the name of its leader, or cared about the issue. 

Here's few issues that directly impact women in the UK and feminists should be fighting:

When UK feminists stand up to the men and groups that practise these activities, and actively campaign against them without fear of offending them on PC grounds .... then and only then, will I care about the little nonsense campaigns that they inflate into great victories for womankind against their male 'oppressors'.   

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