Friday, 7 February 2014

Moyes Hell Season

Sometimes there is a terrible attraction in watching a mans suffering - I guess many people at the Roman Coliseum must have been drawn partly by that same feeling - and so there is now a terrible new sport developing, in which the public failure and subsequent ordeal of Mr David Moyes, the man who took over managing Manchester United from the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, is subject to ever increasing ridicule.

In fact so much schadenfreude is being experienced by supporters of all the other Premier League football clubs, that there are now literally hundreds of websites, packed with jokes and images, all depicting the swift collapse of Manchester United, from Premier League Champions last year, to apparent mid table mediocrity this season. That collapse has been spearheaded by David Moyes, and so naturally he is now the subject of most of the jokes ..... So here, for your enjoyment is the story so far, as told in joke pictures taken entirely from from the web:

The story so far .....

There were some doubts when he took the job ...

Then the club records started to stack up ...

More and more doubts started to be voiced ....

But he still got support .... well kinda.

But the results continued to be very bad ...

And nothing seemed to stop the rot ...

Only weeks when there were no games offered any respite ....

Fans concerns over performances were largely dismissed ....

Fans started to really whisper that Moyes was out his depth ...

And that Sir Alex Ferguson was unhappy with performances ...

And even that SAF was reconsidering his successor recommendation ...

However Moyes said he continued to get full support from the club ....

... and that he had no regrets over leaving Everton .....
The next few months? ....

The Grim Reaper Starts Haunting

But suspicions were aroused when a carrier pigeon was 
 shot down over Salford carrying this message ....

His cover blown.... Moyes made his escape ....

He was last seen heading back to Liverpool and a heroes welcome ...

Of course this is fanciful jesting and a spoof, taken entirely by tying together the 'joke' pictures circulating the web  .... in reality of course; Mr Moyes is totally happy at the club, and all the Supporters, Directors, Players and Media are fully behind him, as he undertakes the onerous job of rebuilding a very poor side that only finished 12 points clear as English Premier League Champions last May.

They will no doubt easily canter in to 4th Champions League spot by the end of the season ...... or maybe not. Oh and before anyone asks, all at PC Towers are lifelong (but very disillusioned and realistic), Man United fans ... But we see the funny side of the situation - so don't shoot the messenger!!


  1. Ah, football. Recently I accidentally selected BBC2 and caught some curling from the Winter Olympics - it makes football seem almost interesting.

    1. The pictures made me laugh ... plus I only had to write the link copy underneath, to string a complete post together, and all from the web ..... I promise no more football for 6 months LOL

    2. If you don't write about it, I can't say what I think of it !
      Maybe you could do a piece on Jazz "music" next.

    3. Funnily enough, my Dad was a professional Jazz musician all his life (well after 1946) ... I am not a fan (Rock was my teen thing), but I will think about this suggestion .

  2. Well, he was sacked after just 10 months, when Champions League football became impossible. Obviously a contract trigger point, so reportedly just one years compensation.

    Shame in a way as a good man, but not a surprise as posts like this have illustrated.

  3. I am at home today .... so monitoring this post LOL. Actually I think its a bit like when Brian Clough went to Leeds United and the players got him out. Not an exact simile of course as Clough had won things, but nonetheless, the player power was a factor. Thanks for the comment .... lucky I was able to see it arrive.

  4. 3 years later and Mr Moyes career and reputation has continued to spiral downwards.

    Following his Old Trafford sacking he's had two jobs:

    2014–2015 Real Sociedad (sacked on 9 November 2015 after coming under increasing pressure due to a poor start to the season)

    2016– Sunderland (Relegated April 2017)- He may well be sacked before May as the club prepare for life in the Championship.

    Its been a dramatic fall from the top of his profession and Mr Moyes has seemingly not recovered his mojo. Relieved as I was when he left Old Trafford, I can't help thinking that he could do with and deserves a break now.

    Life shouldn't keep kicking a man when he's down .... so I hope he recovers his reputation next season - wherever that may be.


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