Friday, 17 April 2015

Addicted To Fame

I guess it had to come sooner or later. ... Madonna has officially turned into an old slapper.

She's 56 if she's a day, and she still dresses like a teenager .... although the boy George meets Alvin Martin look is so 80's. But nowadays the frills and flounces are more likely an attempt to try and cover her scrawny neck, and veined arms. They always say that plastic fantastic can't undo the ravages of time around the neck (well it can a bit), and knees.

She has been something of a spent force musically for a number of years, but seemingly is either unaware of this fact, or no one close to her has the courage to tell her.  However somewhere in her core she must know her status has waned ... for how else can we explain her tongue disappearing down the throats of every young girl singer she can lay her claws on?

New Meaning to "Deep Throat"

However she surpassed herself in the 'Getting down with the kids' stakes, in what we hope is a last desperate throw of the fame dice ... but which has merely served to emphasise how desperate she has become .... her cringe making deep tongue episode with the rapper 'Drake' at the 'Coachella festival', where she surprise ambushed the firstly squirming, then gagging, rapper, was just the latest episode of granny making the news for all the wrong reasons.

Madonna Has Drake For Dinner aka "I Don't Remember Eating That"

Fame really is a drug, and all the money in the world (and she has nearly all the money in the world), just don't compensate for its loss.


  1. She just sold more tickets to see her latest European tour. Maybe the last laugh is with Madonna?

    1. If you say so but aren't freak shows always attractive to watch? Thanks for the comment

  2. I like Madonna's latest single, the intro sounds exactly like Karen Carpenter which is both good to hear and a nice tribute to one of the best singing voices of all time.

    1. I am not a fan but she I'll grant that she has a voice ..... but give me Debbie Harry any time.


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