Friday, 26 June 2015

Calais On My Heart

When Britain lost control of Calais to the French, and the 100 years war effectively ended, the monarch under whose reign this occurred, Queen Mary, on her death bed, told her family: "When I am dead and cut open, they will find Philip and Calais inscribed on my heart".

Well, now, there are UK politicians who may well be thinking much the same thing .... because of the running sore that is the illegal immigrants, queuing up outside Calais port to try to get into the 'land of milk and honey', and the best welfare benefits for asylum seekers in Europe, that is also known as the UK.

Illegal Immigrants Heading To UK

It’s simply because we don't deport them for what they are ..... economic migrants. The French will; let them cross their land unchallenged to Calais, as long as they make no attempt to claim asylum in France. If they do they are refused benefits, housing etc, and deported if not accepted as genuine refugees, when their application fail there. They then tell them to appeal from their 'home' as they deport them ... no problem with Human Rights laws in France.

We on the other hand let human rights lawyers string out asylum cases for years, with appeal after appeal (aided and abetted by soft judges who interpret 'human rights' laws in a manner not intended by the lawmakers or as practised in other European countries), and in the meantime, we give them housing, benefits, and let them have relationships/children which then stops them being deported anyway.

The total inability/unwillingness of successive UK governments to stop this influx, is creating great racial tension in the UK, but politicians, especially on the left, refuse to take the actions required to send the correct message overseas. Its not rocket science .... No papers, then No right of appeal inside the UK, and a quick decision whilst in the detention centres, are all very good starting points.


  1. All things considered I'm starting to see the French point of view that the UK isn't doing it's bit to control it's own immigration like a bad neighbour who has loads of parties and blocks up the road with guests' cars.

    1. I agree. That's because we give out mixed messages by not deporting when illegals finally get here and allowing them to then bring 'dependants' over once they are made legal. True story, I once had cause to interview and Iranian girl who had been given 'asylum status' for fear of her life from the new Ayatollah regime in Iran, She celebrated getting her status by ..... yes you guessed it, taking a holiday in Iran!

      When I informed the Home Office of this apparent proof that she had lied, they said that although they agreed it was 'unfortunate', once granted, they had no power to rescind asylum status.

      Says it all really .....


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