Friday, 5 June 2015

Hooray for Hollinwood!

In August 2009, a sign appeared by the side of the M60 between junctions 21 and 22 ..... it said 'Hollinwood' and was in the style of the famous Hollywood sign to promote the town of Oldham.

The Appearance Of The Sign Was A Talking Point Of The Daily Commute

Of course at 8ft high, and 60ft long, the plywood sign was a bit smaller than its American counterpart, which with dimensions of 45 feet (14 m) high and 350 feet (110 m) long dwarves its 'Hollinwood' rival.

The Somewhat More Famous LA Version.

A local pub barman said people had appreciated its appearance "The locals have been talking about it and they all think it's great. But it's not really like Hollywood here. It's a bit dreary and a bit less glamorous, and we don't get the weather. Manchester Road is the closest we get to Sunset Strip." .... a view not held by a local councillor who said that "People here tend to deal with the real life rather than make believe. And I've not seen Posh and Becks strolling down Manchester Road yet."

At first mystery surrounded who had made this tribute to their home town ..... especially after the spoil sports at the Highways Agency removed it pretty much the same day ... it was apparently deemed a potential distraction for motorists. The Highways Agency then destroyed it.

The builder eventually came forward and was a managing director of the local firm Manchester Cabins. "All I wanted to do was highlight Oldham in a positive way. We did a proper risk assessment; it was very secure and would have withstood a hurricane, and it was no more of a distraction for drivers than any other sign on or alongside a motorway. We were very happy with it, it looked really good and it got people talking about Oldham."

Hooray for Hollinwood

So Hooray for Hollinwood .... or at least the promotion of Hollinwood. Having been there myself, I would say that someone has to do it.


  1. It's a shame that the local council didn't take advantage of this sign like Los Angeles did after private enterprise erected the original HOLLYWOODLAND sign in 1923, which was built to only last a year and a half, unlike this one which looks like it would have out-lasted the Human race.

    1. The only thing that will out the human race is cockroaches and Cher.

    2. LOL .... where have I heard that Cher joke before? Oh yes "When it comes to nuclear attack Twinkies, Cher, and cockroaches will survive." Thanks for the comment.


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