Friday, 19 June 2015

The Trouble With Girls

Once again a white male scientist, this time Nobel laureate Dr Tim Hunt, has been hounded by the 'Guardianista' feministas into an apology for something he said or did, and in this latest case also into losing his job. His crime? Daring to suggest that in some circumstances, women co-workers can be distracting for male colleagues, and that some women take criticism too personally and start crying.

Dr Tim Hunt's Laboratory?

Cue some humour, such as the image above, but mostly howls (or is that screeches?) of outrage from the same wimmin of the left as the last time this happened. On that occasion, space scientist Dr Matt Taylor was forced to make a cringing apology for his bad choice of shirt. ..... and seemingly now that they had tasted a victims blood, they craved for more, so this time the target was a Nobel Laureate.

Apparently though, some Nobel Laureates are not prepared to standby and watch these social media 'lynch mobs' operate unchallenged  ....

Nobel Laureate Scientists Fight Back

.... we will watch this story with interest, to see if it has legs.

However I have remarked before, about how cowardly these women's attacks are when they pick such easy soft targets ...... especially when there are more formidable opponents about. For instance they could walk down almost any inner city area these days, and there is likely to be a building with a lot of bearded males stood outside. Many of these men believe and preach that women should never go to work, should cover their faces as they are inciting men to rape them, should not be allowed to drive cars as it makes them prostitutes, or even that women should be genitally disfigured so as to not enjoy sex, and are only worth a third of a man's testimony in courts. The list goes on and on, and often passively mirrors those views of IS regime in the latest incarnation of the caliphate, but where are the feministas parading outside these buildings? Where are the protests about these backward views being allowed to flourish in Britain?

No Feministas Protesting Here ......

Oh, yes, nowhere to be seen, possibly because they are frightened of these often violent men .... Or maybe its the fact that these men are predominantly brown or black skinned, and therefore can espouse views or carry out actions under another ism, multiculturalism, that a white male can't?

This a view that was publicly stated by Mrs Justice Pauffley, a High Court judge, while she was trying a case of in which an Asian boy from an illegal immigrant family, claimed his mother had been attacked, and that he had been abused and hit with a belt by his father. An action which if true, is strictly illegal for a white parent. However in this case, she stated that “Proper allowance must be made for what is, almost certainly, a different cultural context. Within many communities newly arrived in this country, children are slapped and hit for misbehaviour in a way which at first excites the interest of child protection professionals, but which they should ignore"  .... I am speechless.

So much for feminist concerns about misogyny outside of the white male community, or support for their oppressed Asian female sisters. Oh, and so much for one rule of law, or one standard of acceptable behaviour in this country.       


  1. Well said, and well done for finding an image of a mosque with some tumble-weed outside! ..or did you have to make that yourself?
    I believe that Dr Hunt's comments were light hearted, after dinner reflections based on his own life, having married a fellow scientist. The reaction was, ironically, hysterical.

    1. Hi Vroomfondel, thanks for the comments, I appreciate them, and they do encourage others to join in, even its because you have provoked a reply LOL .... Yes I made the image myself to fit the point I was making. These ladies are like man eating big cats, once they have tasted easy blood (in the form of middle-aged white male IT nerds and science geeks), they can't take on harder game anymore.

    2. I heard this morning, now that the truth has had a moment to put it's shoes on, that the reported words were followed by " - but seriously...." I hope that Dr Hunt's critics are given the same column-space to eat their words [which weren't said in jest].

    3. I suspect that they didn't care what he actually said, but rather what they wanted him to have said.


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