Friday, 7 October 2016

We Don't Need No Co-Education

Not really news this as it has been shown in a number of studies, but girls do better in single sex schools than co-educational ones. Last years exam results (2015) showed that some 75.4% of female pupils in single sex schools attained 5 or more good passes (inc Maths and English).

Co Education Theory Busted By Latest Figures?

This is dramatically better than all pupils in mixed sex schools where just 57.4% attained the same results.

Of course, the more conservative of our recent immigrant arrivals have been asking for single sex schools for a while, but not for educational purposes. In fact if it was up to them girls would get no education at all, and boys would be taught all they need from one book.

Still, food for thought in these results.


  1. I'm removing a star for the use of blue and pink in the illustration, otherwise another fine piece for the interweb.


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