Friday, 14 October 2016

What's The Problem Now?

You cant make this stuff up any more ....

Sam Told Everyone Not To Lose Their Heads .....

Last year a man who claimed he was a scholar of Islam put in a complaint after studying episodes of Fireman Sam. He claimed that in one episode he had seen a character, from one of the episodes first put out in 2014, disrespecting the Koran by stepping on its pages. He had spotted this by freeze framing the scene until he was able to identify 'Arabic script' which he said was direct from the Koran.

Anyway, fired by righteous indignation, he then complained to the broadcasting authorities, and the broadcasting channel (Channel Five) and production company HIT. No sooner had this piece of garbage gone out, than he was joined by another 169 'scholars' who joined in the complaints. Apparently he and they had never seen the bombings of mosques by his fellow Muslims, which must involve the mass disrespect of thousands of Koran's, but they had all been freeze framing episodes of a British children's programme, looking for offences against Allah. The whole matter was referred to Ofcom.

Instantly the two broadcasting parties concerned, Channel Five and the production company HIT, fell onto their stomachs in grovelling servitude, and 'unreservedly apologised' for any offence given to the followers of the religion of peace, even though HIT said that the text was just random meaningless text on the paper.

Well this year, Ofcom, who normally can be relied upon to grovel with the best of them, announced its findings. It found that no action would be taken against either Channel Five nor HIT, because not only could 'its [the papers] contents not be recognised as being from any given text' [let alone the Koran], but that it could also not even be 'deciphered' i.e. it was meaningless scribble, just as the producers had originally claimed ..... in other words it was just meaningless text from no language on a bit of paper.

However, once again in their rush to apologise to the one minority who are offended by our very existence, they have handed them a 'victory', because rest assured that while the news of their apologises went round the mosques, the fact that the complaint was entirely spurious won't have done.

But calling a teddy bear Mohammed, or having a torn a page of paper which is falsely identified as being from the Koran being 'disrespected' on TV, or if a Kaffir touches the Koran, then hey ho, heads have to roll .... even if only figuratively. A fact illustrated by the filming of the hacking off of a Christian priests head and putting it on social media, or blowing up each others mosques which apparently isn't all that offensive to many.

We are too quick to apologise for being British, to people who revel in not being so. Apparently anything these people finds offensive to the religion we all love so much, has to be pulled ..... We pander to these madmen at an ever greater cost to our culture.


  1. Perhaps this scholar's contention was that "random, meaningless text on paper" is too much like the Koran to make a difference. He should know, he's been studying it in detail.

    1. He sure does ... he even claimed to be able to quote the passage and page.

  2. He ain't no scholar ... there ain't bo such thing in that creed. Rote memorisation is what they call scholarship.

    1. Your right because critical scholarship of the Koran is not allowed. therefore rote learning and conservative interpretation is often all that's required to call yourself a scholar. Thanks for the comment.


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