Friday, 14 October 2016

Recalling Bad Behaviour

While I am still thinking on the subject of MP's who are up to no good with their underwear down, and frankly who you wouldn't really want in your house, it was brought to my attention that Simon Danczuk, who is still the MP for that benighted town of Rotherham (how many sex scandals can that town take?) is advertising for yet another aide for his London office.

There Was More Honour In Old Time Politicians .....

Now, for those of you who have forgotten his exploits (and we assume that he's hoping to somehow remain as an MP, by keeping, what's for him, a low profile) here's a few lowlights:

There has been a string of sex claims by his former employees, including him being branded a sex pest by one, and allegedly having an affair with another, while he's also apparently 'romped' (in popular press parlance), with another woman on his constituency office desk.

He also recently spent two nights in a Spanish police cell after a bust up with his estranged wife (who eventually refused to press charges). Finally, he apparently admitted to a national newspaper that he needed counselling for sex addiction.

He's currently suspended by the Labour Party, after he was found to have been sextexting a 17 year old girl (apparently all his other sexploits didn't warrant suspension), but a whiff of paedophilia in a Rotherham MP was just a bit too much, even for the Corbyn regime.

No Shaming Politicians To Resign These Days ...

But this is a man, who despite all this appalling behaviour remains an MP, as we have absolutely no recall mechanism in the UK.

From Profumo in the 1960's, via Cecil Parkinson in the 1980's, Ron Davies in the 1990's, and right through to Keith Vaz this year, our MP's have committed some terrible acts .... none of which have forced them out of being an MP (unless they voluntarily stood down).

It's about time we had a recall procedure to force errant MP's to stand again .... or at least pull their underpants up.


  1. Yes, it's only right that MPs can be sacked, just like anyone else who acts inappropriately at work.

    1. Well perhaps not sacked ... but forced to re-stand as an MP in an immediate by-election created by a local recall petition signed by 30% of constituency voters, (if they can retain their party nomination) .... if they can't then they will no longer be an MP.


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