Friday, 9 September 2016

Relax Don't Do It

Mr Keith Vaz the Labour MP has opposed this governments attempts to criminalise the party drug known as Poppers. Ministers later announced that following this opposition they would remain within the law. He was also overseeing the biggest shake-up of Britain’s prostitution laws in a generation, via the Home Affairs Select Committee of which he was Chairman.

Poppers - Popular In Some Communities

In the 'Gay' community Poppers are used to help relax key muscles such as the sphincter of the anus (which can make anal sex less painful). Poppers also cause blood vessels to dilate, which drops blood pressure and increases heart rate (amyl nitrite was originally used to treat angina and cyanide poisoning) as a result, users experience a flush feeling and increased sexual arousal .... so, popular in Gay bars.

Political Hypocrisy Exposed?

The newspaper the Sunday Mirror, has claimed that Mr Vaz has been paying young male prostitutes for sex .... they also allege that when booking them from the escort agency he told one of them to bring some Poppers as well as offering to pay for any Cocaine they might need. Other media outlets have reported the claims widely, with various perspectives and more stories have been released this week.

The newspaper also reported that he texted the escorts: “Try and pick up some poppers.” When told they had bought them the MP text replied: “Great.” ... When told a Romanian escort would be joining them, Mr Vaz wrote: “How will this work, do you want me to f*** him first or all together.” ... Then he asked: “Does he like poppers. Does he speak English.”

While Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Vaz had publicly said he was “not convinced” that men who pay for sex should face prosecution ..... well I guess if this story is true, then he would think this wouldn't he?

Not surprisingly he resigned from the Home Affairs Select Committee after a day or so.

I don't care about his sex life although the Cocaine is something the police should be looking at. What bothers me is that he was advocating an argument about poppers and men who solicit prostitutes without making it clear that he benefited from leaving the position as it was on both those subjects.

We should be used to political hypocrisy after all these years and the expenses scandals ... politicians taking moral stances on some subjects, that turn out to be nothing more than self serving self interest in disguise ... but somehow we are still surprised when its exposed to our gaze.


  1. The only crime committed was, as a member of the older community, texting "get the party started".

    On the subject of voting out of self interest, l suggest that, one way or another, %100 of votes are cast in this way, it's just that when a politician is caught out, we know about it.

    1. Sorry, but offering to pay for cocaine to help get the 'party started' is actually probably a crime. Also using a select committee to promote your own interests, without declaring them, is probably in breach of parliamentary rules. He has been accused of abusing his position of trust (and not for the first time I might add) .... he was wasn't known as 'Vazeline', before this latest scandal, for nothing ... of course that nickname has a new connotation now.

      It was because he had evaded censure for a number of other escapades:

      1. Vaz led a march of several thousand Muslims in Leicester calling for Salman Rushdie's book 'The Satanic Verses' to be banned. describing that event as ‘one of the great days in the history of Islam and Great Britain' - this after promising earlier to support the writer and free speech.
      2. When the IRA bombed a British Army recruiting centre in Leicester, Vaz publicly suggested that the Army had stored explosives on the premises.
      3. He was found to have failed to register two payments worth £4,500 in total, from a solicitor.
      4. He was heavily involved in the affair of the passport applications of the 'Hinduja brothers' - to long to go into here' but exactly leaving the labour party nor Vaz smelling of roses. he was found to have concealed a payment to his wife by the brothers.
      5. Vaz was suspended from the House of Commons for one month after making false allegations against Eileen Eggington, a former policewoman over allegations of employing an illegal immigrant nanny.
      6. Vaz was involved in attempts by the Anglo-Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi, in his attempts to avoid extradition to France over fraud charges.
      7. Vaz faced pressure to explain why he failed to declare an interest when he intervened in an official investigation into the business dealings of a close friend, solicitor Shahrokh Mireskandari, who has played a role in several racial discrimination cases against the Metropolitan Police.
      8. He was involved in the expenses scandal with primary address swapping and other issues.
      9. Questions about how he and his wife have been able to amass a small property empire, spanning London and Leicester, on their incomes have been discussed in the press currently.

      Finally, it comes to something when other MP's think your 'an operator' ... Patrick Mercer MP was recorded describing Vaz as "a crook of the first order", adding that he had "never met an operator like him... I mean it's not always completely ethical but it's stunning, he is an operator".

      So no I don't subscribe to the idea that no offence was committed this time, and further more I think Vaz is no epitome of good standards of behaviour in public life .... it is just a surprise that in a mature democracy, we still don't hold MP's to much higher standards of behaviour and probity.

    2. Crikey! I had no idea. He certainly does sound like a wrong'un! May he stub his toe on the way out.

    3. Just goes to show how many of them cant stand too much scrutiny.

  2. He's been linked in some news stories to a male brothel in Leicester. The idea that this was a one off is laughable. Even now he can't be honest probably because he's an MP. It's obvious that this behaviour is part of his nature which he has hidden from his family.

    1. Here's the link.

    2. Dirty laundry always gets displayed once the press get the excuse to delve into politicians lives. I expect it will all come out in the wash.

  3. He has escaped any actions. The police and parliamentary commissioner have dropped or suspended investigations as he too ill, allegedly.

    Joke as usual

  4. It was reported today that he's under police investigation again about his property dealings.

    1. I suspect that there are a few more things about this man that could come to light if enough rocks are turned over. Thanks for the comment

      Heres a link:

      Oh and another story


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