Friday, 2 September 2016

Colour Blind

One of the interesting aspects of Henning Wehn's Edinburgh show was when he demonstrated that the British have been so cowed by Political Correctness (and its subculture race industry), that even the bleeding obvious, could not be pointed out ..... that indeed, just like the moral of the tale of  the 'Emperors New Clothes' ....
Stating The Obvious Is Sometimes Ignored ......

..... only a small child, or a reckless madman could state the plain and obvious truth.  

He did this by using a set of pictures of English footballers (he couldn't use Scottish ones, as no one outside of Scotland, and maybe not even there, would have recognised them ... joking!), and asking the audience to tell him who was the odd one out.

To illustrate what he was pointing out ..... look at this picture.

Who Is The Odd One Out And Why?
.... Who is the odd one out and why? I bet you have thought that obviously its Tom Hiddleston, because the others are all James Bond's, and he has never played that part.

Fair enough ..... now look at this one .....

Who Is The Odd One Out And Why?

.... Who is the odd one out and why? I bet you have thought that if you had to say it out loud, then you would say that obviously its Idris Elba, because the others are all James Bond's and he has never played that part (although there is another equally valid answer).

But fair enough ..... now look at this one .....

Who Is The Odd One Out And Why?

.... Who is the odd one out and why? ..... Obviously its Idris Elba, because the others are all white and he's black. If you came up with any other answer, then you are missing the bleeding obvious answer, and have probably lost your ability to use your own eyes or common sense. 

.... The fact is that if Idris Elba is made the next James Bond to pander to PC sentiments, then Bond will have been shafted by that PC nonsense. The James Bond character is not a Michael Jackson, he can't just change skin colour and ethnicity, and just become 'Black' .... He can't march across Eastern Europe as a 'black spy', when in reality he would stand out like a sore thumb.

The PC nonsense that drives this colour blind ideology in some sectors of society doesn't hold sway outside of Western Europe (and not even there, outside of some PC metro-centric groups such as London). Also imagine the same PC race warriors reaction if we proposed a follow up to the Shaft movies, but wanted to cast 'Shaft' as a white man?

Daniel Craig Is Shaft ....

Sometimes colour blindness just becomes an offensive absurdity .....   


  1. People are terrified of stating the obvious for fear of offence. I note that one group are not bothered at all but that's cultural.

  2. Just shared this post with someone who said a black bond will kill the franchise stobe dead. They added that the next movie plot would be:

    Scene: Somewhere in East Germany. BLACK Bond is walking through one of the towns where the neo nazi's were rising again.

    Suddenly a brick flies out and hits the back of black bonds head.

    Bond: 'Argh!' ... as he slumps unconscious to the floor.

    Shaven headed white youths run from alleyways, the street lights illuminating the knives. They flash as they rise and fall over the stricken black Bond who dies quickly.

    Scene: London offices of the film production offices. Heads shaking, the backers leave, and shaking their heads pronounce that the Bond franchise is dead.

    1. Very clever comment. I guess its a risk to the franchise that those pc warriors are happy to take, as they don't care if it does kill the films. The point is only to make sure another bit of white culture is eroded. Thanks for an unusual comment.


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