Friday, 30 September 2016

Punch The PC Warriors

It was reported in the UK press that Barry Island council had taken the decision to cancel and ban a Punch and Judy show from their 'Beats, Eats and Treats' festival. The reason for this decision was given as being because some PC Warrior on the councils entertainment committee, has decided that the show contained 'inappropriate' violence, as well as an 'abusive' relationship between Punch and Judy.

Mr Punch Has Ancient Antecedents ....

You can hardly make this crappola up .... personally I would sack whomever came up with this because they obviously are:

(a) Stupider than Punchinello (Mr Punch), and
(b) Don't actually have a real job.

The Punch and Judy show has roots back in to the 16th-century Italian commedia dell'arte and has been a seaside regular in Britain since his first recorded appearance in England on 9 May 1662 (which is traditionally reckoned as Punch's UK birthday). Samuel Pepys the diarist recounts seeing such a show. The show even graced Covent Garden, with Punch's Theatre in the 18th century.

But as is the way these days, its a tradition simply swept away in one stoke of a bureaucrats pen ..... 300 years of British heritage removed, because of the sickness of political correctness.

The well respected guardians of this very ancient form of puppet show, The Punch and Judy Fellowship simply commented that the same ban should apply to nearly all the works of Shakespeare (true), as well as Tom and Jerry cartoons ... that last one sadly has already succumbed to political correctness which is why none of the old classic Tom and Jerry cartoons are shown on TV any more (I bought the box set to enjoy them).

We are slowly being denuded of all that made us unique, by a left wing clique in our town halls who are uncaring of the damage these decisions make, as long as they can tick off another 'offence', where non taken, and boast to their next trots meeting about how they struck a blow against white culture.

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