Friday, 2 September 2016

Killer Korma

Talking of dumb ... a picnicker called the ambulance service via the 999 emergency number because .....

Bogus Emergency Calls - More Than Just A Nuisance ....

.... they had eaten an out-of-date sandwich. She had called because she wanted an ambulance to come and check them over for instant food poisoning ........... fining people like this a £1,000 (or 6 weeks in prison) would soon cure this particular problem.

Strangely, at least one other punter out there, a Mr Adam Connor of Wood Green London, also believes that food is immediately poisonous .... he was shop lifting, and when challenged by police who had followed him home after he had been spotted stealing from Tesco's, he threw the stolen chicken Tikka Masala he had just heated up, at the police officer.

He obviously thought he had just stolen a Killer Korma, or a Murderous Masala, or perhaps just a Bleedin Dangerous Balti, in any case he was sadly mistaken .... He was arrested, charged with theft and assault, and awaited sentencing when last I saw the story.

Curried Gull Joins Deep Fried Mars Bar's and Pizza's

But if he had tried the Curried Gull, he might then have had a weapon. This is not entirely fanciful an idea, because recently I saw a story about such a gull.

Apparently a greedy gull fell into a vat of curry outside a food factory in Wales, this while trying to pick at the meat in a tub of chicken Tikka Masala. He was dyed bright orange when staff rescued it .... the gull was taken to a wildlife hospital where it made a full recovery .... Nurses and staff said it 'smelled fantastic' when it was brought in.


  1. I work in the emergency services control room and this post doesn't begin to cover the half of it. It's nearly always drunks as well which just makes it twice as annoying.

    1. Yes I bet it does. We are losing a lot of standards of public behaviour and this is but one of those.

  2. Beats the curried rat or cat which occasionally makes the news.

    1. I always thought that those stories about rats and cats in curry's were urban myths. Thanks for the comment.


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