Friday, 16 September 2016

Contentious Chinese

Chinese housewives are well known for being able to keep up a good row, but some sort of record was set recently in Ankang, in north China's Shaanxi Province, when two middle-aged women hospitalised themselves after a lengthy row. This was not because they had resorted to violence, although they must have been sorely tempted.

Chinese Women Know How To Row ... To The Death (well nearly)

No this hospitalisation was because they had simply worn each other out, in the mother of all stand up street arguments over ..... well, it could only be one of two things, money or men. I doubt any woman would row for eight hours over any man, but money, well that's another matter.

So they stood there shouting at each other for eight solid hours under a blazing sun, while temperatures reached 30c .... the spectacle apparently drew quite a crowd of neighbours (Chinese people loves nothing more than a free street display), the row having started at 2pm and continued uninterrupted until 10:20 pm. Until suddenly the two woman reached heat exhaustion, and first one, then the other collapsed. Both apparently displayed urinary incontinence, and were foaming at the mouth, according to local reports.

Ambulances were called, and both ended up being treated for extreme heat stroke, dehydration and exhaustion .... whether they later resumed their argument is not known, as they simply passed from the news stories ... their 15 minutes of fame was done.

On a slight aside, they must be rather feisty women in Anking, because late last year another 25 year old woman from that town, was having divorce talks with her separated husband at his parents house. After she failed to get the terms that she had demanded, she first smashed the house windows and some electrical appliances, before climbing to the rooftop and chucking down roof tiles for four hours.

Chinese Tantrum - As Tammy Sang  D.I.V.O.R.C.E Is Always Painful 

The fire brigade came to 'rescue' her, but she was in no mood to be rescued, and threw roof tiles at them as well. Apparently she had a bit of previous on this sort of behaviour, as at least one (anonymous) local resident felt brave enough to state that 'She often came to her husband's parents house to throw tantrums. The police had to be called a few times to help deal with the matter.' ... he added that the sons parent were too frightened by the young woman's temper to stay in the house, and had evacuated the moment she kicked off.

Negotiation efforts from the village's management and the woman's family members all failed to calm her down, and the roof tiles continued to be lobbed down. Eventually at around 3pm, two fire-fighters caught the woman when her attention was diverted, and they forcibly brought her down from the roof. The same rescue team later had to carry her away from the house, again mainly by brute force.

Sadly, as with all these quirky stories, its proved to be impossible to find out how they ended. Hopefully, she got nothing more than a fine and some anger management courses ... but we will never know.

Such is fifteen minutes of fame.


  1. Impossible to find out how they endedI - I suspect impossible to find our how they started as well. A woman's logic, coupled with their arsenal of memories is the closest thing we have to a perpetual motion machine.

    1. I think that you'll find that's their jaws.


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