Friday, 16 September 2016

All Coat And No Knickers

As part of my 'Broken Britain' series of posts I occasionally highlight areas where our society is exhibiting signs of breakdown or collapse. This post is, I hope, a one off, but I am not so sure it is.

It involves Folkestone, not a town you would associate with a societal breakdown, indeed a place that brings to mind, retirees and gentlefolk wandering its board-walks. Or mayhap you think of the ferries to the continent (if they still go from there). However it appears that the rise of the underclass has hit even this seaside dead-zone retirement area.

Undressing In Stores Not Completely Rare .....

Like all towns these days, Folkestone has a shopping centre (at Bouverie Place), in which there is a Primark (which for my non UK readers is a cheap clothing superstore, which the UK has in most towns). These stores have changing rooms to try things on, but of course there are something such as women's lingerie that can't be tried on in any shop .... or so you would have thought.

In summer 2016 shoppers in the Folkestone Primark were astonished and dismayed by a woman who stripped off her underclothes, and then proceeded trying on women's knickers in the shopping aisle. After trying the underwear, she would then peel them off and put them back on the hangers or shelves. She did this on at least four different pairs, before dressing in her own underwear again, and leaving the store empty handed. Primark assistants removed all the knickers from the shelves in that aisle when they found out.

The fact that no one managed to find any staff to report her too is no great surprise .... there are never any staff on the floors in those pile it high, sell it cheap emporiums, but that no member of the public felt able to challenge this woman's behaviour to her face, is what worries me.

We have become so fearful of violence, or the consequences of standing up, that even the worst type of bad behaviour often goes unchallenged in our new society. The society of the land fit for heroes has gone, only to be replaced by chavs (who are not necessarily poor, but are just ill mannered louts), and the underclass, both of whom have no boundaries in their societal behaviour, or self respect for themselves.

Tasteless, And Not Something You See In Many UK Stores ....

If this woman had been caught, it would not have surprised me to find that she was a worker from a local office, or a housewife, such is the level we have sunk too in many areas.

Whether this woman is in the habit of regularly doing this its impossible to say, but the casual manner in which she did, this suggests that neither her public disrobing, nor the dirtiness of putting used underwear back onto a shopping shelf, indicate she is no stranger to this sort of behaviour.

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