Friday, 30 September 2016

Playing Your Last Hand

I can never resist these 'wake' stories when they come up .... so the news that a gambler, Mr Henry Rosario of Puerto Rico had played poker at his own funeral caught my eye. He died suddenly aged just 31 years and his friends decide to pay to have him fully embalmed.

Last Hands Come In Various Forms ...

They then set up a poker table one last time, and sat him in one of the chairs with a pile of poker chips and proceeded to play his last hand ... sadly the report doesn't state whether he won or not.

Recent other such reports include that of a taxi driver placed at the wheel of his own taxi one last time and an ex-boxers corpse placed in his ring corner. A woman was seated in her favourite bar having a last beer and perhaps the wackiest, a man was embalmed and dressed as a superhero (that I would have liked to see .... so I found it).

Renato Garcia - Embalmed As The Green Lantern In Puerto Rico.

Thank god that in the depressing world that is being created today, there are still a few oddballs out there ..... especially in Puerto Rico.


  1. Embalming is very popular in Puerto Rico.

    1. Yes so I understood from the stories I read. Anyone got any idea why?

      Thanks for the comment.


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