Friday, 7 October 2016

No Scum Removal

Mahmoud Jaber is a Palestinian illegal immigrant to the UK.

Mahmoud Jaber - Untouchable Immigrant ....

He is also a prolific drug dealer who has been convicted no less than four times for drug offences ... so why has this man not been deported?

Guess what, its our old friend and favourite, the EU Human Rights Laws ... an act so beloved of our lawyers. Not once but twice, he has used them to evade deportation, and is now serving an 11 year sentence for the importation of cocaine worth £180,000. He lost his last eviction appeal so you would assume that finally he will be deported .... you would be wrong.

Even that is not enough to get this nasty little toe-rag back to his homeland .... because he and his lawyers have opened yet another loop hole in the deportation powers of the UK .... he simply let his Palestinian passport run out, and then refused to apply for a new one. This apparently makes him 'technically' Stateless and under the human rights legislation (as interpreted by the UK legal body), he therefore can't be deported.

If ever there was a more badly thought out and implemented piece of primary legislation anywhere in the world, it has to be the European Human Rights Act .... maybe we can finally drop this with Brexit.


  1. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water, this is surely another extreme case, and as with much EU legislation, has been misinterpreted by our courts rather than being bad law.

    1. That baby was thrown out a long long time ago my friend. How many of these extreme case examples do you want before you except that these are not extreme case examples? Case law is set by precedent and every precedent sets case law. Our judges have thoroughly destroyed an act that works elsewhere.

  2. The Metro today states that another Palestinian Jamal Owda - an alleged people smuggler - will be extradited from the UK to Greece. The 27-year-old Palestinian is accused of smuggling migrants through Greece in 2014 and 2015. He appeared in court on Tuesday.

    1. So we can get rid of at least some of them ... Thanks for the comment.


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