Friday, 28 October 2016

China Airs Views

'Telling it like it is', 'Calling a spade a spade', 'Speaking the plain truth and other English idioms on a similar line were the first casualties of the unofficial trend of political correctness newspeech.

Of course this infection in the West is not actually followed in other countries, often and especially those, where those who newspeech protects in the West come from, but who strangely refuse to even countenance similar rubbish. This of course can lead to much confusion and misunderstanding.

Straight Talking Truth or Racist Nonsense?

The Chinese and Japanese in particular still adhere to the old fashioned idea that the truth is better than a lie (.... well in certain matters).

So imagine the BBC and Labour Party knicker twisting, when the Air China in-flight magazine 'Wings Of China', included the advice that ethnic minority areas of London (or elsewhere for that matter), can be dangerous for anyone, and especially so for women.

The fact that its advice that has a large element of truth, made little, well in fact no difference, to the outrage. A London Labour MP for Ealing Southall (with a large Indian population), wrote to the Chinese ambassador to the UK asking for an apology. Of course the company eventually apologised, but one seriously doubts that they really changed their opinions.

The fact is that in the UK now there are areas where I used to walk freely at night, where I would think twice now .... these are those exact same areas, whose nature has been irrevocably changed by mass immigration.

Just because we don't say it out loud anymore, don't necessarily make it a lie.

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