Friday, 2 September 2016

Midnight Express Still Running

Even in happier times for Turkey, the states legal system was dysfunctional and not up to European standards. One little example illustrates this very well.

Tough (in) Justice In Turkey .....

Volkan Kutlu and Okan Ciftci were aged 14 and 15 when they committed a petty crime. They stole two ice creams and some sunflower seeds ... a petty crime in most countries, especially as it wasn't for profit (they ate the products).

They were caught by the police after their teachers in Istanbul reported them, and although the shop keeper wasn't pressing charges the state decided that being caught and shamed wasn't enough punishment, and decided to prosecute them anyway. The trial went on in fits and starts for over 8 years ... yes really 8 years, for two schoolboys and some ice cream. Anyway the trial finally came to a conclusion with the boys being found 'guilty' (hardly a surprise in Turkey).

The surprise was when the Judge handed down the sentences .... they were sentenced to 13 years imprisonment each. So shocking as to almost be unbelievable except if you have seen the movie Midnight Express, when it seems almost lenient. Kutlu had been taking his University exam when he was sentenced and imprisoned, to the shock of his family. His mother said that they had 'treated him like he killed somebody'.

But at least they won't be in Diyarbakir Prison, in the Kurdish area in South East Turkey ...

Diyarbakir Prison in South-Eastern Turkey - One Of The Worlds Worst.

As I have pointed out before, Turkey was 50 years or more away from any European norms and we should stop pretending that they are getting closer ... rather the reverse. This doesn't augur well for all the people netted in President Erdogen's 'anti-conspiracy' net.

They must be expecting the very worst.


  1. Shocking. The EU will break when these savages join.

    1. Well maybe that wont be our problem by then. Thanks for the comment.


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