Sunday, 7 June 2009

Being Uncharitable

I don't give to many foreign leaning charities or NGO's, or even little known local charities, not because I am heartless, or willing to let people die, but because I believe that vast amounts of the money raised goes to

This story illustrates my concerns. World Vision (A US charity) says that 90% of its aid to Liberia was stolen by locals employee's in a massive fraud. This was nearly $1,000,000 dollars pocketed by the staff.

My only surprise is that there aren't more revelations like this ...... but then this was only discovered after an anonymous local tip off, not because the charity had enough safeguards in place.

The Safest Way To Give To Charities In The UK?

I strongly suspect that many more scams like this would come to light if investigations took place and I also suspect that many 'Islamic charities' that operate in the West, are little more than terrorist fund raisers (much like the 'Irish Republican' collections by Noraid in the US were alleged to be in the 70's and 80's).

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