Saturday, 13 June 2009

Crocodile Tears For Human Rights

The Sufi's of Somalia are apparently up in arms (literally in that country) over the desecration of their Mosques and graves sites by the hardliner Wahhabi, al-Shabab terrorists that they allowed to operate from their country.

But before we get too upset for the Sufi’s, remember that when the radicals take over, even their friends suffer ..... so lets not have too many crocodile tears from the Sufi's, who said nothing when Christian graves were scattered in Somalia .....

Crimes against humanity (which they say the mosque closures are), are not restricted to being only when Muslims are being upset. If the Sufi's are now saying that the Wahhabis are 'foreign', it all sounds a little too late to me.

The Wahhabis are not the sole root of militant Islam, and their erstwhile supporters and allies should remember that they have collaborated in attacks on us, when asking the West for help or sympathy.

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