Sunday, 7 June 2009

Gordon's Knot Unravels

Sometime ago I suggested that Gordon Brown was

a) Not the right man for the job, and
b) Be lucky to make it to the next election as leader, before being comprehensively rejected by the English (if not the British).

Well it appears that we may be near that end game, with his popularity at an all time low, and his government in turmoil with Ministers leaving, and others deciding to leave him in office to take the inevitable wipe-out next June (in many instances it would seem stupid to take over the leadership now, so better to look "loyal" and earn a few "Brownie points" - sorry about that pun).

It's possible he will survive this crisis, after all its not the first, as his Premiership has floundered for over 12 months, and he may even not get beaten out of sight in a the next general election.

After all, a weeks along time in politics, but I for one wouldn't put £5 on either event, and nor would many others .....

However a note of warning to the Conservatives, the old swingometer, shows that the Tories need a swing of at least 11.5 percentage points, in order to get a 'working majority' (this because they have been so poorly supported in the last few elections), so a 'hung Parliament' is the most likely election result.

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