Friday, 5 July 2013

One Is A Lonely Number

A wild female asparagus was discovered in Portland, Dorset, in 1997 .... this Dorset asparagus was thought to be anything between 70 and 100 years old .... but as the endangered wild asparagus is found at only 28 locations across the country, her nearest male plant (needed for successful pollination), was a male variety in Cornwall.

This male plant was very carefully moved to Dorset in 2006, and then pollination was engineered as they rubbed its pollen on the female’s stigmas.

Wild Asparagus Colony

Finally, this year they have found that eleven of the offspring have not only grown, but the seven males and four females have now flowered for the first time, meaning they can reproduce and now instead of one, there is now a small colony.

A little story I know, but just occasionally here at PC Towers, we like to post a story that's just a little bit righteous, and makes us feel good. Maybe there is just a little bit of hope for the world. 


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