Friday, 5 July 2013

We Are Getting In Bed With Shaitans Children

In Syria we in the non Muslim world are being invited to get in to bed with the Syrian Sunni rebels ..... who could also be rightfully considered to be Shaitan's children.

How else can you explain the murder in Syria, of a fourteen year old boy, an event which sadly is not normally newsworthy at the moment, but the fact that he was killed by the rebels, and that those rebels did so under 'Sharia Law', tells you a lot about the sort of people Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barak Obama are being urged to support and arm.

The boy had been asked to give someone a free coffee - "Not even if the Prophet himself returns" he had jokingly replied. Three of the rebels armed gunmen heard him say this, they dragged him to a car and took him away, and then subjected him to a terrible beating. Half-an-hour later they returned him, badly beaten, and dumped his unconscious form onto the road by his coffee cart. But not content with this savagery, they then summoned passers-by with the shout of "Oh People of Aleppo. Oh people of Shaar. Whoever insults the Prophet will be killed according to Sharia"  ... they then shot him three times (at least once in the face), and kicked his body. When his mother tried to intervene they shouted that "He is not a Muslim - leave!"

On top of the wanton murder of children, the animals of Jabhat al-Nusra are also waging an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Christians. Last week they purportedly filmed the murder of a Catholic priest, Father Murad. The first film put out, showed a man said to be the priest, hands bound, while one of the butchers used a kitchen knife to hack his head off. The spectators allegedly 'cheered', and were seen taking souvenir photos of the body ..... however later reports suggest that this was a black propaganda video, intended to shock Christians even more than the usual daily attacks, and that in fact the priest had been executed in a monastery while trying to protect nuns from assault.

Prime Minister David Cameron, and President Obama, publicly support aiding these rebel monsters.

Syrian Rebels - Democrats or Jihadists?

The usual suspects for this animal behaviour include (but there are numerous other groups):
  • The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ( the main group linked to al-Qaeda)
  • Jabhat al-Nusra aka 'The Nusra Front', the biggest Islamist organisation fighting the regime.

As usual they have all backtracked once the film was posted on the web, and condemned the killing - but rather oddly as this was a rebel area, the local Islamic 'scholar' (how that term makes me laugh), said the killers were not rebels, but members of the regime militia, "shabiha" (armed pro Baathist supporters), trying to ferment trouble between Jihadi's and other fighters (although he couldn't explain what they were doing in a rebel area, and why they were able to walk about freely) ..... they just don't know the meaning of the telling truth in that part of the world.

The young liberal, democratic demonstrators who have instigated the uprisings in every Arab Muslim country so far, have soon been swept aside by the tidal forces of the armed Islamists and their illiterate peasant supporters, and its the Jihadists who have already achieved power in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, where the populations are facing the same options as those in Iran when the Shah fell - none. Theocracies like Iran will soon be the only landscape that stares out from all the Arab world ..... what a bleak region that will be.     

In the meantime, the Sharia courts (aka a bunch of thugs with little education and a Kalashnikov), are dispensing 'justice' in the usual Taliban style - whippings, or death. One of these death dealers was interviewed and said that "Full punishments will be enforced as soon as the regime falls and an Islamic State is declared." .... there's something for the faithful to look forward too.

We reap what we sow by supporting these groups, and one day we will find them on our doorsteps, knives in hand.


  1. The pendulum swings both ways of course, so now we are seeing 'islamists' being ousted in Egypt, and challenged in Tunisia and elsewhere. The region could be in turmoil for decades to come.

    1. Your probably right .... just another few more decades sending people to paradise early, for the religion of peace.


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