Friday, 26 July 2013

Nacho Nacho Man

Finally the US has lost one record that it never really wanted ...... that of worlds behemoths, aka 'Fat boys' (and girls).

I was surprised that the winner of this title is actually its southern neighbour, Mexico. The latest figures produced by the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation, shows that 32.8% of Mexican adults is now classed as obese (or 'ill', as the American Medical Association have now designated obesity). This outweighs the US figure of 31.8% and thus claims the unwanted title.

Mexican Porkers .....

It also has the highest rates of child obesity in the world, a title it took in 2011. All this, despite the fact that nearly half the country being classed as  poor, and with malnourishment in a major health issue. So the other richer half of Mexican soceity are literally eating for two ....

The blame for this is officially placed on the following:
  • The diet of Tortillas, Nachos, Tacos, Beans and Chilli.
  • The rising affluence and more sedentary lifestyles many Mexicans now enjoy.
  • The bad example of large food servings gained from north of the border.
  • And the real killer .... soft drinks. Mexico is the worlds highest consumer of soft drinks per head of population in the world.

So this must make the whole North American Continent officially 'ill or obese' .....

However, as with all these figures, you can read them many ways .... for instance the same UN agency states that the Micronesian island of Nauru has an adult obesity rate of 71.1% - followed closely by other related groups in Polynesia, and New Zealand's Māori's etc.

So in reality, the Mexicans are going to have to really stuff their faces to get to those levels. So lets hear it one more time .....

♪♪ Nacho Nacho Man, I want to be a Nacho Man ♪♪

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