Friday, 2 August 2013

The Path To Servitude

It says a lot about the UK's possible path to Dhimmitude, that two US bloggers who campaign against the creeping Islamisation of the world (but particularly against it in the USA), are banned from entering the country by the UK's Home Office.

The reasons are that that their presence "is not conducive to the public good" and that "we condemn all those whose behaviours and views run counter to our shared values and will not stand for extremism in any form", and therefore they could be excluded by the home secretary.  Their banning letters gave examples of their anti-Muslim views ..... I wasn't aware that it was actually a criminal offence not to love Islam in the UK? ... or that holding 'anti Muslim opinions' was also a criminal offence? ... those laws must have got through parliament without any fuss at all. 

The pair, Ms Geller, of the 'Atlas Shrugs' blog, and Mr Spencer, of 'Jihad Watch', are also co-founders of the American Freedom Defence Initiative .... and are admittedly right-wing. In a joint statement on their respective blogs they said that being banned was "a striking blow against freedom" ..... and that "the nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead".

Mr Spencer - 'Jihad Watch' and Ms Geller - 'Atlas Shrugs' blog.

Its a sad fact that being a US right winger, or even a fundamentalist Christian is very likely to get you banned from entering the UK, whereas being a radical Muslim 'cleric' doesn't usually stop you getting in, and we can't get them out either.

We seem to have decided that 'free speech' is OK for people who avowedly hate the majority of this populations history, society, and religion .... including the right to picket St Pauls Cathedral on Christmas Eve (imagine daring even to attempt to put up a placard outside any mosque at Eid, and not be arrested?), but that same free speech is not acceptable from US citizens not yet cowed into submission and a fear of offending the adherents of the religion of peace.

I would be interested on how many Saudi Wahhabi Muslim clerics are banned from entering the UK each year? Not too many I suspect. I also looked at prominent individuals who have been banned.

Actor George Raft Was Banned From Britain

It includes fourteen US citizens (including actor George Raft, and Singer Snoop Dogg), amongst which are US right-wing politicians / broadcasters and fundamentalist Christian pastors ..... but only one Saudi of any opinion or creed (a Yemeni - Saudi), and just two Pakistanis. This despite the fact that most world terrorism is funded from that region (9/11 for example, or the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan) and it is common to call for our society to be overthrown.

How strange is that? ...... or maybe not. 


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