Friday, 23 August 2013

Two Old Farts Meet A Legend

While wandering around the 'Pleasance Courtyards' (a major venue area), my mate Kenny and I were approached by a jocular old fellow handing out flyers (along with hundreds of others). He described his show as "two old farts talking about cricket" and "Jolly Good Fun" ..... but as soon he opened his voice I knew who he was.

A Living Legend Walked Amongst Us.

It was the living legend that is Henry Blofeld, aka "Blowers", doyen of Test Match Special, a long running radio sports show (launched in 1957), on which he and long time producer Peter Baxter were doing a question and answer show. The name of their show is 'Blofeld and Baxter: Memories of Test Match Special'.

Blowers and Baxter

What can I say. We talked, there was much handshaking and in our enthusiasm we didn't get our photograph taken with him. But were very much pleased to meet him, and I did take a few pictures of him walking around the courtyard, spreading much pleasure as he did so (although the foreigners may have been somewhat bemused). Of course famously, his father, Thomas Robert Calthorpe Blofeld, was at public school Eton with James Bond author Ian Fleming, and his surname is believed to have been the inspiration for the name of James Bond super villain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

A National Treasure Gives Directions

I wish I had got his autograph, but we were still pleased that at least two old farts had met a legend.


  1. Your right he is a national treasure .... We are losing so many.

    1. Have to agree to both comments ... thanks for the comment Harry

  2. It's strange, but for example Ian Botham in an unusual setting - Legend. But in a cricket environment, well so what. I guess its setting that makes the memory.

    1. Your right of course .... but in this case it felt special.


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