Friday, 30 August 2013

Western Folly

With Britain surprisingly having rejected being pushed once again into the boiling cauldron that is Middle East politics (ostensibly, not to change the regime, but to back the US desire to punish the use of chemical weapons, which crossed Pres. Obama's 'red line'), it seems a timely occasion to remind ourselves that it is not just the Assad regime who act like animals.

We were effectively being pushed to be on the same side as al-Qaeda and those who fight under its banner .... for instance there are large groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who have cooperated with al-Qaeda in many attacks against Israel and the Israeli security forces. The Israel intelligence services believe that Hamas, in cooperation with al-Qaeda, have managed to infiltrate operatives from the Gaza into Israel in preparation for attacks.

So its also likely that Hamas elements are already in Syria fighting alongside their allies, who will now include the US / France and the United Kingdom .... if that doesn't tell you that our inept leaders are completely out of their depths, then nothing does. But just in case there are any doubts as to the sort of allies we would be fighting alongside (in aims at least), here is a picture from the 21st of November 2012 which was issued by Reuters.

Our 'Allies' In The Middle East

It shows how much the technical 'allies' of the US and France (assuming we stay out), Hamas and al-Qaeda, value human rights, the rule of law and international norms .... these Hamas gunmen had just publicly executed six suspected 'Israeli spies', who they had accused of telling the Israeli defence forces about rocket launch sites and other information. So after being tortured, and 'confessing', they had been publicly shot .... then one of the corpses was tied behind a motorcycle and dragged around the streets of Gaza, to the cheers of an approving mob who chanted "Spy!, Spy!" .... in all, this little bit of 'justice' cost the lives of eight men (one was shot in the street, and another was found dead in a communal wheelie bin).

Pity the poor Christians who live in Syria, they will face the final ethnic cleansing in the region when these Jihadists get full control of the country .... Our politicians, particularly those on the European left-wing (France is currently both socialist, and playing an influence game in a country they once ruled), just don't understand what kind of animals are fighting in these middle east conflicts, and how while they use us and beg our help to fight their enemies, they remain implacably opposed to us, our religion, and our values.


  1. It's interesting to note that the Russians have easily persuaded most of the world that intervention in Syria is not such a good idea, and in fact that it would be aiding the worst kind of jihadists if they did so.

    Now, even the USA has grasped at this straw, and Obama has used it to avoid losing a WAR vote in Congress ....

    Many would suspect that there will be no bombing by western war planes (probably to the relief of everyone including the US President, but with the possible exception of possibly the French).

    1. There are no good guys in the Middle East. A fact that Western politicians can't get their heads round.


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