Friday, 30 August 2013

A Million Dreams

Have you ever seen what a million pounds looks like?

Well neither have I until now ...... As we walked down the castle mound from a festival show in Edinburgh, we passed a window on the Museum on the Mound, and there through  a window could be seen a million pounds in notes (fakes I assume) in a display. 

Rather than just walk on past, I took a photograph or two, and so now you can see what a million pounds looks like.

A Million Pounds
And a closer view ......

A Closer Look At A Million Pounds.

We then moved on quickly before we were lifted by the police ......but I then had a weird thought. When I was a kid, being a millionaire meant having what I had just seen and it equalled a life of luxury. Now a million pounds would mean early retirement but not a life of luxury. Now you would need about five million to live that same life of material luxury I imagined when a kid.

That's inflation for you. 


  1. The funniest illustration of devaluation was in an Austin Powers film when Dr Evil, after travelling forward in time some 30yrs, declares a ransom of One MILLION pounds, and is met with an uneasy silence.

    1. I know how he feels, I have to re-evaluate my money winning day dreams .... every decade.

  2. Anyone old enough to remember Viv 'Spend Spend Spend' Nicholson who won £152,000 pounds in 1961 - which was equivalent to £2.87 million in 2013, adjusted for inflation. That was 'a fortune' then, but now the actual non adjusted amount is virtually nothing.

    Apropos of nothing - A photograph of Ms Nicholson appeared on the cover of 'The Smiths' single "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" - which shows how she fared.

    1. I find it idiotic and immoral to waste more money than someone else could only hope to earn in two lifetimes.

    2. She could have lived a very happy and contented life with that money (just the interest alone would have sufficed), but I guess one persons 'prudence' is another persons 'boring'.


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