Friday, 30 August 2013

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When you are a Blogger, its sometimes a good idea to look to see which of your posts have been the most popular. Now, like most Bloggers, I don't fool myself that I am going to get big viewing figures for most posts, and indeed I am grateful if I even get two or three views. I guess that generally my posts attract a double figure + number of views (and in strict point of fact the Blog average is 177 views per posting, if you divide total blog views by the number of posts). So what accounts for the disparity? Popular posts.

Every Blog has a few posts that have a magic combination of subject, keywords, and or timing, that causes the post to attract considerably more attention than the average posting. We all wish that we could find this magic every post, but its indefinable .... I attempt it every post, but sadly mostly fail dismally.  

SEO is a "Dark Art" few have mastered!
To illustrate my point, below are the top ten posts by views on this Blog, with the dates posted and a brief synopsis of its content .... the top of the list has been viewed nearly 8,000 times, and the tenth over just over 2,000.

1) Blobby Britain 6 Feb 2011 - Obesity sweeping the UK and US.

2) Barbie turned "Fifty" this week!!! 8 Mar 2009 - Barbie doll 50 yrs old.

3) Nobel Prize, Ignoble Politics 12 Dec 2010 - China trying to block Nobel prize award.

4) The House That Money Built 6 Oct 2010 - The Royal house of the Saudi's.

5) Compare And Contrast 30 Dec 2010 - Israel's rule of law working.  

6) Cane Toad Burgers 2 May 2010 - Trying to control the Cane Toad in Australia.

7) The NATO Myth 17 Apr 2011 - How Nato is actually just a few 'fighting' countries.

8) End of the World ... Not 2 Dec 2011 - End of the world predictions.

9) Bison Herding and Other Wonders 14 Nov 2010 - Animal conservation and extinctions.

10) The Great God Pan is Dead 27 Dec 2007 - Prose piece on the Old God Pan.

 - with the other 1,112 posts outside this top ten, ranging from just over 2,000 views, all the way down to just 3 views.

So how come this 'top ten' attracted, and continue to attract so many regular views?

It can't be the snappy titles, I have done many others just as snappy (or even snappier), so it must be something else, but what? I wish I knew and I am just as baffled as ever. 


  1. Most blogs die before they ever get any Popular posts. Microblogging seems to be the future.

    1. I actually have a post about this "blog or micro blog" .... but your right.


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