Friday, 6 September 2013

All Thats Wrong About UK Immigration

Have you heard of Emelia Brobbey? No? Well neither had I until recently.

I came across her name and story while researching another subject for another site .... and it typifies the degree to which the UK has lost control of its borders, and why the NHS is continually claiming to be 'underfunded', despite the fact that vast amounts of the national wealth are pumped in to it.

Ms Brobbey is an actress from Ghana who has made over thirty movies, apparently receiving numerous local acting awards. She runs her own film production house called 'Endtime' Films and has her own foundation registered as the ‘Emelia Brobbey Charity Organization’ to help the less privileged. She has no claim to a British passport and no right to residence here. She remarried recently and fell pregnant - so she obtained a holiday visa for the UK.

In March 2013 she arrives in the UK on a visitors visa and went to stay with fellow actress Gloria Agyeman who was living in a Waltham Forest house in London. However this wasn't a 'holiday' .... it was health care tourism (Something many in the NHS denies happens), whereby pregnant women from West Africa (and all other parts of the globe), arrive in the UK for 'holidays', only to have their children at the UK taxpayers expense. So in June 2013 she duly had her child in the UK, presumably using the National health Service and paying nothing ....

Not content with this probable fraud perpetrated against the UK, and the fact that in a double win, her child will no doubt be able to claim a UK passport in the future, in July, she went shopping with her new baby, and was arrested for shop lifting in Pearson's Departmental Store in Enfield, when she set off the alarm while leaving. She had been physically detained and taken to a private room for a body search, where a bracelet was uncovered. She denied it was theft and the police were called, but when presented with CCTV footage she 'paid' for the item. The police charged her with shoplifting and she was fined.

The police weren't satisfied with elements of her story and visited the address she had given, which was that of Gloria Agyeman, who happened to have another 'friend' staying, 'actress' Eunice Akua Adjeiwaa. Investigations found that all the residents of the address  had question marks against their immigration status, and Eunice Akua Adjeiwaa was detained and later deported. Ms Agyeman was told to report daily to the police as her visa was long expired (but she had married so may avoid deportation), while Ms Brobbey returned to a heroes welcome in Ghana on the 25th of July, when she was met by friends and colleagues chanting 'songs of victory' on her arrival.

Emelia Brobbey - Heroes Welcome
Despite having admitted guilt and paid a fine in the UK, she told local reporters who were at the airport that she was wrongfully accused, but a lady called 'Expensive White Berry' went on to facebook and denounced Ms Brobbey as a liar. She claimed to not only have witnessed the event, but filmed it, and also that the theft was Ms Brobbey's second offence, that she had 'stolen some earrings on the first occasion' from the same store .....

So what does this tale tell us?
  • Well firstly that NHS health tourism is not only real, but thriving and costing us millions, if not billions.
  • Secondly, that visa overstays are here in the UK in vast numbers, taking up jobs (in some instances), or claiming welfare benefit resources, health, and housing and committing crimes.
  • and finally, that we have no control on the borders, and can't track those who are here, or who is getting passports via scams and fraud.

None of this is new of course, but its rare that one story manages to highlight all the issues so clearly.


  1. BBC story today highlights why we are not able to contol even one aspect of our borders.

    1. Sadly the horse bolted on border controls in the UK in the 1980's or earlier.


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