Friday, 27 September 2013

A Voice In The Wilderness

Once again the world is dripping with the blood of innocent men, women and children as Islam’s ‘holy warrior martyrs’ either blow themselves up in to the arms of 60 virgins, (by killing and maiming hundreds of Christians), or launching a machine gun and grenade attack on hundreds of unarmed shoppers in a Kenyan shopping mall. All grist to the bloody mill, as the religion of peace (or submission as it is actually translated from the Arabic), once again illustrates why its reviled as 'bloody and backward' across much of the globe.

Of course, instead of tackling this backwardness head-on in the West, our politicians largely say nothing, and instead try to pander to the Islamists that they have let through the Gates of Vienna and into Europe, by suggesting that the Niqab and full Burka are welcome additions to our culture. In fact with just a modicum more of compromise on our part (by altering our views to accommodate Muslim women’s cultural view), we can allow face coverings in courts, jails, and public jobs such as hospitals, social workers, and in fact any customer facing role you care to mention.

Obviously the wearers of these extreme outfits (and make no mistake, this is not considered to be a religious requirement in the major Islamic schools - Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, the then dean of al-Azhar university in Egypt, called full-face veiling ‘a custom that has nothing to do with the Islamic faith’ ....… and I think he knows a bit more about Islam, than some covered up immigrant girl from North Africa or Pakistan), will in general only have to make the sacrifice of removing the face coverings in the most extreme of cases …. For the rest of the time, no matter how offended many non Muslims feel about seeing this dress code in our streets, or how distasteful we find the practise of hiding ones face in general, we have to say nothing.

British Culture - Now And ?????
Our cultural values are once again ignored, to pander instead to this one group of religious extremists from a culture very different to our own.

Rather oddly Christians, and in fact any Non Muslims can be discriminated against, or even prosecuted for discriminating against Muslims (recent cases include the wearing of a cross being offensive to Muslims), whereas a Muslim ‘free’ school, paid for by the state, can discriminate against non Muslim women by forcing the women teachers to cover their heads … not take non-Halal food into the school, and not being allowed to wear jewellery. They are apparently even making girls sit at the back of the class – as boys are superior – and all in the centre of England (Derby to be precise).

As usual, this is not commented upon by the political parties who run the nation …. ‘too sensitive’, might get a Muslim mob issuing threats, and anyway the ‘English’ are too tolerant to complain themselves, so we can ignore the issue and the threat it implies to our culture. seems to be the thinking.

We really are sleepwalking to the chopping block, and with our eyes fully wide open.


  1. It's been argued that the niqab is a personal choice of dress but we already don't tolerate other choices such as Nazi uniforms, nudity or near nudity, KKK garb and anything from the 70s. These examples of bad dress-sense have their exceptions where they can be worn, as can the niqab.

    1. Agree, we are making one set of rules for the rest of us, and one lot of exceptions for the Muslims. Its a mistake that just stokes up resentment, as the fact that one in four young people in Britain distrust Muslims and think the country would be better off without them, a Radio1 Newsbeat Poll has shown.

      Additionally, 16% said they didn't trust Hindus or Sikhs, 15% said they didn't trust Jewish people, that figure was 13% for Buddhists and 12% said they didn't trust Christians. Of the 1,000 people interviewed, 44% said they believe Muslims did not share the same values as the rest of the population, while 28% said they felt Britain would be "better off" with fewer Muslims.

      Some 60% of the 18 to 24-year-olds asked thought the British public had a negative image of Muslims, with 26% saying foreign terror groups were to blame for 'Islamophobia', compared to 21% who said the reason is UK Muslims who have committed acts of terror.

  2. The 'Al-Madinah', free school in Derby was closed today - its failed an Ofsted inspection, and the Education Funding Agency - from which the school gets its public funding - is investigating alleged financial irregularities. There are predicatbly many claim and counter claims about the failures, with the school saying its closed for a short break due to a "health and safety issue", although whether thats for staff or pupils isn't clear.

    Its perhaps predicable that the first islamic school of this type, should be almost immediately covered in controversy (especially when you consider how postal votes have been abused in that area), and end up being closed for a number of issues.

    Laughable really, but you should feel some sympathy for the pupils, if not for the misguided parents who want their children to end up like a student at a Karachi Madrasa.

  3. Thanks for the update .... I noticed it on the news.


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