Friday, 27 September 2013

Get Smart

The BBC have rather belatedly picked up on the fact that some countries are so indoctrinated by their lifestyle that they can accuse and arrest vultures, and sharks etc, for spying for Mossad, or maybe the CIA (or even India, in the case of Pakistan). Of course we at PC towers have been laughing at this stupidity for several years. Its almost impossible to take these people seriously, until you realise that the idiots who make these ridiculous accusations are the same as those who are in fact in charge of security for the regions.

They are also the same people who may one day have a finger on a nuclear button ......

The BBC report, while going over ground that this blog has covered (Vultures arrested by the Saudi's, and Sharks of the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in 2010 accused of being radio controlled Mossad agents by an Egyptian governor), it also added a few additional snippets on top of these gems.

By the way, much of this apparent stupidity and backwardness stems simply from the fact that to much of the third world since 1900, Trains, Cars, Radio, Telephones, Airplanes, TV, Computers and now Smart-phones, have appeared from the Western (and Oriental) world, almost like magic .... they use these wonders, but can't work out why these things all come from a world that they are often told is 'inferior' to their own.

Many of these cultures ceased to have enquiring scientific minds, as their religions took an ever firmed grip on their lives and thought patterns. This was not the case early in some cultures, as they were first exposed to Greek, Roman and or Indian and Chinese scholarship, but when their science first butted up against their religions, it was science and rationality that gave way - unlike for example in the West, where the dead hand of dogma had to slowly concede ground to science.

So the general public and many of the religious and political rulers of these cultures imagine that almost anything is possible by the rest of the world .... which is why, without blushing they are able to
  • Arrest a stork a couple of weeks ago in Egypt, on suspicion of espionage, apparently mistaking its migration tag for spying equipment!
  • And in in 2007 the Iranian army proudly arrested a team of 14 "spy squirrels" found near a nuclear enrichment plant (which of course isn't making a bomb, therefore has nothing to hide from the world). Iranian officials announced to the world that in another triumph for their security forces, they had succeeded in apprehending the suspects "before they were able to take any action"
Nutty Nutkins - Super Spy

Remember, that ironically these people often also consider that their ways of life and cultures are superior in every way to the rest of the worlds, so they hang, burn or behead witches and fortune tellers, just to show how enlightened they are ...... they are also the fastest growing immigrant groups in Europe, so the Middle Ages could well be just a few decades away for the rest of us as well. 


  1. Before arresting Western-trained wildlife they should consider the possiblity that the gadgets themselves are listening devices. Who knows, all those telephones might be hiding microphones in there somewhere? and a means of sending information out of the country.

  2. In reality, as recent events have shown most phone or Internet traffic is being harvested in any case .... so maybe they should be concerned.

    Funny but true side story. When the US was preparing to invade Iraq, they ran various war games, in which Iraq always lost, but then one of the more devious officers "commanding" the Iraqi forces started using runners and written command on paper, instead of radio's and phones, which were used only for disinformation and false orders. The Iraqi's then started winning the battles, and US forces were only winning with very heavy losses.

    For obvious reasons this only came out after the war, but the Iranians, Syrians and North Koreans should all note this fact.


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