Saturday, 21 September 2013

Jilted By Uncle Sam

How quickly the love dies ....  it seems the British aren’t special anymore …. The US doesn’t love us anymore, and have found a sexy new partner. ‘Cherchez la femme’ they used to say when your man started acting oddly or out of character, and now, thanks to the UK’s socialist Labour party’s little bit of politics (when not backing the government motion supporting action against Syria – after privately promising to do so), Britain is perceived by our main ally to have gone ‘a little wobbly’, with our ‘Special Relationship’, apparently counting for nothing the moment we stop barking at the same time as the USA.

Whereas socialist France, which has taken the lead in calls for military intervention, is now being wooed, with siren calls from across the Atlantic for ‘our oldest ally’ (against the British), to kiss and make up after the spats of recent years (Iraq in particular – where the French were proved correct, there was no threat to the West from WMD’d), but also those harsh words under the De Gaulle years are to be forgotten.

Oldest Alliance Back On Again

Admittedly France is pursuing its own agenda as the ex colonial power in Syria, which just happens to coincide with that of the Americans, but the US was so desperate for a fig leaf of support as to not care …. Why they have even restored ‘French Fries' ('Chips' in the UK) to the Whitehouse menu – they were renamed ‘American Fries’ for a while.

So no longer the "cheese-eating surrender monkeys", and leading member of "Axis of Weasel" of the mid 1990’s, the French are welcomed to the top table, while poor Britain struggles to find any sort of meaningful role …. even branded by the Russians as "just a small island, that no one pays any attention to anymore" … we find out that unless we are prepared to use force, then we are nothing, even our UN Security Council seat is being looked at.

So the law of 'unexpected consequences' strikes again. David Cameron is the PM who has cut the UK’s military to that of a defence force, rather than an army – and the backstabber Ed Milliband (who has previous on promises – ask his brother), takes a gamble to embarrass the government, for some local political gain, and suddenly Britain's fragile grip on the top table of world politics is looking decidedly shaky …. c'est la guerre as the French like to say.


  1. France has always acted in what it perceives is its own best interests, but then so do most nations. The USA and UK have done nothing to stop corruption, cronyism and dictatorships in Sub Saharan Africa. Why? Because there’s either no OIL (Zimbabwe springs to mind) and or the tyrants are playing ball with us on trade. France on the other hand sees its role in the western world much diminished by the "Anglo Saxon's" but refuses to lie down when its one of its own ex colonies e.g. Syria, and other areas, such as its ex 'African Colonies'.

    The UK is now in a period of final 'retrenchment' and is losing the military capacity to act on its own, or even participate in others actions. So we will see more of these episodes where the UK can't or won't act - either because its in Muslim areas (and Muslim 'voters' don't want it) or because its deemed an 'illegal' war by some other group or other.

    Get used to it becoming the norm.

    1. Your probably right - or not far wrong. Thanks for the comment


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