Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Breath Of Fresh Air

In case you weren't aware of it, the world is going to hell in a hand cart, and just in case you aren't convinced, here's a little news snippet that you may have missed.

On the 18th October 2013, the World Health Organisation issued a communique, which bluntly said that the very air we breath is officially classified as 'carcinogenic' (alongside cigarette smoke) ..... now I have to qualify that startling statement, essentially they are reporting that 223,000 people per year die from lung cancer attributed solely to breathing polluted air.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer confirmed that outdoor air pollution would from now on be classified in its group 1 of carcinogens, which ranks it alongside more than 100 other known cancer causing substances such as Asbestos and Plutonium. A spokesman for the I.A.R.C said that "The air we breathe has become polluted with a mixture of cancer causing substance". 

Many people in China can attest to this as being a fact ..... the city of Harbin is regularly wreathed in pollution smog for days on end.

Harbin In China - Blanketed In Smog

... and in Beijing, air pollution regularly soars to hazard levels ..... the cost of fast progress has been very heavy in that country, a cost for which they haven't received the final butchers bill.  And as if that news wasn't bad enough, there is also apparently compelling evidence that the air pollution is now increasing the number of incidences of bladder cancer.

So goodbye to the great outdoors as a breath of fresh air, and hello to face masks ..

Face Masks - Not Fresh Air In The Future

... we are already in the first stages of the world of 'Soylent Green', but many don't know it yet.

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