Friday, 22 November 2013

Slavery, UK Style

Commenting on yet another 'slavery case', Labour MP and ex Labour Culture Secretary, Dame Tessa Jowell said on BBC radio London 94.9. that

'She woke up three times during the night thinking about the women who were held as slaves for 30 years. "How is it possible? We've had so little information from the police about the conditions the poor women were living in." .... she also questioned if parts of the city were so disconnected that nobody noticed anything.'

Domestic Slavery - Not A New Crime

This is a laughable comment from one of the architects of 'New Labour' and its 'let it rip immigration policy' .... a policy that did so much to destroy social unity in the UK, and especially in London, where 38% of the population are not from the UK originally at all. Tessa Jowell is an ex-social worker and administrator for a mental illness charity (which tells you everything you need to know about her ideas), and once she had got the 'magic ticket' of a safe seat in Parliament, she was reckoned to be very supportive of the 'New Labour project', and was considered to be fully loyal to its agenda, earning herself a strong reputation as a 'Blairite' .... although her position is said to be on the right of the current Labour Party.     

She has apparently announced that she is stepping down as an MP at the next election .... well all I can say is that although that's a bit like closing the stable doors after the horse has bolted, its still better than having the threat of her returning in another Labour government in the future .... I mean honestly, what sort of person would claim that they 'woke up three times thinking about the women ...'

These are complete strangers, and although if the story is true, the women are to be pitied, I doubt few of us would really claim to have 'woke up three times thinking about the women ...'. Also the fact that the alleged 'slavers' have already been bailed by the police, suggests that there are at least a few elements of doubt in the story …  well, at least enough for it to be considered no risk to let the accused couple go back home without them fleeing. Police Officers said the arrested couple were not British nationals, and that it was "very unlikely" that the alleged victims were related to them because of their nationalities ... so the full background of this case may yet throw up some interesting details, in which immigration to the UK, legal or otherwise, are likely to feature quite a lot.

So let the politicians can the hyperbolic rhetoric, and let the police do their jobs ... who knows we may just end up with another politician saying that they 'woke up three times thinking about the poor falsely accused pensioner couple' ... stranger things have happened.


  1. The whole affair has become more bizarre since it broke as news. Old Marxist communist cell in UK, turning into a 'God Cult', allegedly using psychological controls to keep the women under control, and yet they are free to walk the streets and are photographed attending a coroners court some years ago. It's noticeable that the press have swiftly moved on from this story and are maybe smelling a rat.

  2. The story has just disappeared. You were right.

  3. Thanks for the comment .... yes remarkable isn't it.

  4. "How is it possible?" She asked! If she lived in the sort of areas that 35% of us do, she would know what Nu Labour did to England.

    1. I suspect that many people will be considering that option in May next year. Thanks for the comment.


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