Friday, 29 November 2013

Nuclear Clock Tick Tocks

With the news that not only did Saudi Arabia (the cockpit of Wahabism and the home of the 9/11 planners and bombers), pay for the Pakistani Nuclear weapon making program, but also has first call on such weapons should it feel the need to 'instantly acquire them', the world has stepped just a bit closer to 'Armageddon'.

Nuclear Clock Ticking Closer To Armageddon
The Saudis already have the delivery system in the form of the dozens of CSS-2 ballistic missiles bought from China in a deal in the 1980's, and for which rail track launchers have been deployed.

Once again, the US, which has close ties with the Saudi regime, is unable to put down a firm marker to stop any such transfer of nuclear weaponry (even when the Saudi's have signed the non proliferation treaty), and without doubt, Saudi Arabia will acquire the weapons (probably when Iran, the other financier of world terror, acquires them next year or the year after), and then Israel will be placed on the horns of a dilemma.

Do they stick or twist, because without any doubt, the these weapons will point not only at Iran, but at Israel, who will also face the same threat from the Iranian weapons pointed at both them and Saudi Arabia.

Whose finger will be on the buttons will be anyone's guesses - The 89 yr old Saudi King (or his likely equally elderly successor), the Supremely elderly Ayatollah in Iran, or the democratically accountable leader of a fragile coalition in Israel - all seem shaky choices for the fate of humanity to hang its hopes on should there be 'Cuba Crisis' moment.
Lets not beat about the bush here, two of these states are extreme theological regimes, who think nothing of killing opposition both internally or externally, and who export terror worldwide, and both of whom would also like to see Israel wiped from the map .... not a happy set of circumstances in which for nuclear proliferation to be taking place.            


  1. The world may end in a whimper or in a bang, but end it will.

    1. Can't argue with that (watch future posts for more on that). Thanks for the comment.


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